Chapter Twenty-Two ~ Absence of Common Sense

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Chapter Twenty-Two
Absence of Common Sense

Chapter Twenty-TwoAbsence of Common Sense

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"you've been avoiding me, haven't you?"

          With her heels clicking on the uneven cobbled streets, Lottie made her way towards the stables; it had been far too long since she had last been there - too caught up in her grief and then blinder business. But now there was calm and she could once again visit the animals that she loved. For as long as she could remember, she had been around horses. Her mother, Irene, had loved them, too, and it was her who taught Lottie to ride.

          When riding a horse, there was a freedom she felt - a freedom unlike anything she had experienced. It was just her and her horse. Lottie had sent word to Johnny Dogs asking about any horses, wanting one of her own. She had the money, all she needed to check was if there was space. She vowed that once she was wealthy enough, she would buy a house in the country, just outside of town, and have her own stables. Lottie didn't think she could spend all her time in the country though, she'd be bored out of her mind - she needed stimulation and the city provided it. But an escape would be nice.

          As she arrived, she waved at Charlie who was busy doing something or other the opposite side of the street to her. "How you doing, Lottie?" He asked, walking over. "Long time no see."

          "I know," she nodded. "Been caught up in my own head, I guess." She glanced over to the stables. "Do you think it's possible I can add an addition?"

          Charlie followed her gaze and put his cigarette to his mouth as he thought. "I needed to make space for Tommy's, but I think there'll be room for one more."

          This sparked her attention. "Tommy's?" She questioned. "Tommy's got another horse?"

          "No," replied Charlie. "He says he'll be gettin' another. Wanting to go to town and select one, I think."

          "Oh," she murmured, thinking over his words. She'll have to question Tommy later. "So, there'll be room for one more then? After Tommy's?"

          "Yeah, I think so," he nodded. "Just need to make sure it's secure, but I'm guessing it'll be ready in a day or so."

          Unable to contain her excitement, she flung her arms around the man. "Thank you!" She beamed. She released him and saw his taken aback expression, making her laugh. "I'm meeting with Johnny Dogs and he says he's got a beautiful horse waiting for me."

         "About time," said Charlie.

         "Yeah, about fucking time," she agreed, smiling. "Anyway, thank you. I'll bring the horse around in a couple days."

         "It'll be ready for when you arrive," he promised, already walking over to the stables. Lottie heard him call our commands, probably talking to Curly.

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