Hanyu • Arranged Marriage pt.1

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Requested by: ME -aaah ma bias oof REEEE-

Genre: Fluff & slight angst.

AU: none.

Words count: 602

ξηjογ τhε sτοrγ~😘


ʕHanyu's p.o.vʔ

I stood in the BOYSTORY practice room practicing more on my dancing, though everyone says I'm a great dancer, I still think even talented people need a little more practice. I soon sat down and pulled out my phone, seeing I had gotten a text from my parents.

I sighed as I left the practice room to go back to the dorm to shower and change. I soon left to my parents house and knocked on the door, getting suspicious seeing another car in front of their house. I open the door to see a female, around my age, she had H/L H/C hair, S/C skin, and E/C eyes.

Then a couple popped up and smiled. They waved, and so did I. I pushed my way past the girl and saw my parents. "Ah, Hanyu we see you've already met Y/N, isn't she beautiful~" my mother said. I looked and the other couple as my lips formed a straight line.

I looked away from the married couple and looked at Y/N "Why is she here?" I asked a bit to rudely. She looked down and- i guess pouted, she seemed really hurt by my comment. I honestly felt bad. I huffed and walked up to her patting her back. "Sorry for seeming so rude I had a bad day today, again I'm sorry-" I spoke softly.

She smiled softly and bowed. I tilted my head and thought to myself. 'when is she gonna speak up?' I just smiled and sat back down with my mom and dad. "Well Hanyu... How do I put this, since our company is loosing money, and we're going to be joining the S/N company, and to do that we're arranging a marriage for you and Y/N-"


"MOM! I'm only 15 years old, I don't even know how old Y/N is, you think I want this, geez, at least have the decency to ask for my permission-" I growled as I stormed up to my room.

「Y/N' s pov」

I huffed as I watched Hanyu run up to his room. I feel the same way he does, but I can't do anything nor say anything about it. I'm mute. I looked at my parents and Hanyu's parents with an angry facial expression, then walked up to Hanyu's room. I opened the door and saw him sitting down on his bed. I pulled out my phone and texted him.

His mom gave me his social media-


You have a message request from: ur_little_cuddle_buddy

-Turn around pabo❤


-Turn around pabo❤

Who is this?-

-Just look, quite being so hardheaded~



Hanyu's p.o.v

I turned around and saw Y/N leaning on the door frame, smiling. She walked in, closed the door, and sat next to me. She patted my back and mouthed 'It's okay' I tilted my head and frowned more "You can talk to me ya' know-" all she did was shake her head. "Why?" I asked and she frowned. She pulled out her phone and searched something up, then showed me.

/made up disease, OKAY/

Lovers Mute disease:

This disease only females can have is caused when one hasn't found their voice or their soulmate. When one whom is diagnosed finds their lover, they will finally be able to speak, but even if you found your soulmate, it may take days, weeks, months, to find your voice.


I never knew

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