ZiHao • One's Sacrifice

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Genre: Angst (i tried)

Supernatural AU: In where demons serve Angels. If both hybrids were to be in a relationship or in love, one of the two will executed.

And when either hybrid finds or encounters their mate in the same species their wings appear. But the rare thing is when one hybrid encounters their mate in the different species the Angel throws up blood and the demon throws up light.

Words count:1428

ξηjογ τhε sτοrγ~😘


≡Y/N' s p.o.v≡

Today is a big day for me. Why? Well today is my birthday and now that I'm 14 I get to be beside my mother on the throne. I will be crowned next princess, due to my sisters death.

As I lay down on my bed, I stare at the ceiling, I look around and huff. I jolt up and run to my bathroom, I look at myself in the mirror and smile. "Hello soon to be, Princess (Y/N)" someone said in a sarcastic tone. I scowled and turned around to see my older sister Rosé. "Hello Rosé- why are you in my room-" I growl and glare at the orange haired female. "I just came to tell my little sister to make sure not to screw up on being crowned princess-" I nodded and held my stomach as I felt a pang in my stomach.

"Rosé excuse me, but can you leave me be, I have to prepare for the day ahead of me-" She nodded and left my room. I closed the bathroom door and fell to my knees, and began to crawl over to the toilet, as I was ready to let out these hurtful fluids, a knock was heard from the other side of the door. "Ugh, W-who is it!?" I tried my best to sound polite.

"It's your mother. The Prince of the Underworld is here and would like to meet The Princess of the High Heavens~" My eyes widen as I stood up and open the door, smiling as I bowed to the Prince, god he was dreamy, I've met him many times when I would go on missions with my mother, and I have to admit I grew feelings for him. "Hello I'm Zihao, Prince of the Underworld, I believe you already know this but, its a pleasure to meet you again, Princess (Y/N)~" he stated.

Once they left a metallic taste tickled my tastebuds. I gagged and shut the door rushing to the toilet. As I knelt down red liquids left my mouth. My eyes widen as I cried softly, throwing up a bit more. I stood up and washed out my mouth, soon exiting my room, walking down the corridors of the palace.

My mother greeted me and I sat at the throne next to my mother.

I took a deep breath and looked at me mother, she stood up and silenced the huge crowd. "Hello people of the High Heavens. Today we are gathered here in celebration of our new crowned princess, (Y/N)!!" Everyone cheered as my mother placed a small crown on my head, visible but not SUPER visible.

I forced my smile and held my stomach, as the metallic taste reappeared on my tastebuds again. I gagged and placed a finger on my lips, only to remove it and see blood. I excused myself and ran to the bathroom. I stumbled inside my bathroom and slammed the door shut.

As I threw up I had this feeling that I was getting stabbed in the back, then out of nowhere the sound of my clothes ripping filled my ears. I gasped as my hand traveled to my back. "No, It can't be- MOTHER! FATHER!!" I yelled as I cried silently. After a few minutes they came rushing in. Everyone in my family already had their wings at a young age and are in relationships, I was a late bloomer.

My mom and dad were surprised to see my state of being. My mother placed her hand on my wing and felt the feathers. "Wait, is that blood?" My sister said and pointed. My father made a disgusted face and told the others to leave. "Honey no, please don't hurt our po-" "LEAVE!! BOTH OF YOU! NOW!" He yelled, clearly enraged at the thought of outcomes to my 'future' love life.

I sat there in shock and fear as I watched my sister and mother leave the room. "Father please, I had no ide-" I tried to speak but he slapped me across the face harshly. "WHO IS HE!!" My dad yelled in my face. "FATHER I. DON'T. KNOW. WHO. HE. IS!!" I yelled as the tears pricked at my eyes, causing me to cry. "A Angel and a demon should NEVER be allowed to love each other!!" My blood boiled as I stood up "You shall not tell me who to love I am at the age where I, THE CROWN PRINCESS OF THE HIGH HEAVENS SHALL DO AS I PLEASE!!!" I yelled through my tears and on the inside I regretted everything I said.

After that I was nearly beat by my own father. I was sent to my room and for the rest of the day I was asleep.

▽The next morning

Y/N' s pov

I sat in the castle garden hoping to try and make myself smile, my parents were attending a grand meeting across the world, in a different dimension. I looked around as I saw a figure walk towards me. I stood up and walked to meet with him. As I stopped I see Zihao, standing in front of me, he opened his arms and there I found myself hugging the slightly taller male. He held me and we both took a seat on the grass.

"I'm so sorry you had to get hurt~" He said and pulled me away from him. I looked at him then closed my eyes, as he kissed my tears away. "I know that our love is forbidden, but I don't care. Y/N, I love you" he confessed. I blushed and smiled at him. "You sir, do not know how long I've been waiting for you to say those words~" I chuckled and kissed him.

As we kissed I felt a presence a few feet away from us, the steps came closer and I'm guessing out of instincts, Zihao's wings created a shield around me. I heard my fathers voice speak. "Uncover my daughter now!"  I peeked through his wing and he gently pushed me back in. "You betrayed your oath Zihao. You swore NEVER to speak to my daughter or any physical contact, your only punished for this is death."

(Zihao's pov)

My eyes widen as I stared at Y/N' s father. Tell me he's joking, please. I thought as I felt a sick feeling in my stomach. Then I heard Y/N gasp and she ran in front of me with her wings outstretched in defence. "FATHER, PLEASE, I ASK YOU TO SPARE HIS LIFE, Zihao did not betray his oath. I was the one who... broke... my oath, I'm the one who loves him, I'M the one who kissed him." Y/N looked at her father straight in the eyes. He sighed as he pulled out his sword.

I ran towards her but she called her guards over to keep me from doing anything stupid. I cried and yelled for her father to not kill her, I struggled as the two men gripped tighter on my arms. My legs became weak as I fell and cried my eyes out. I looked up only to see Y/N' s father hugging her, the blade going straight through her stomach. "No, Y/N-" My voice was shaky and at a low whisper. Her father then vanished as did her guards.

I crawled over to her and held her In my arms. "Why did you sacrifice yourself for someone like me." I pushed strands of hair away from her face. As I pulled her close, she coughed and held tightly onto my arm. "Bacause, Z-Zihao, my sacrifice is because I- I love you, and I would never. let. you. die-" She told me, and those were her last words.


"How can I live without you in my life, without you I'm incomplete. I love you..... ALWAYS~"


how was that, I tried on the angst, I thought it was decent, how about you guys what do you think?

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