my boss' arrogant son chapter 4

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Why is it, that when you're in a rush you always manage to lose something? Right now my keys had totally vanished off the face of the earth. I'd checked the living room, kitchen, bedroom - I even checked the bathroom for god's sake - and still nada. My phone was going mental from Leanne calling and I needed to leave now.

Sprinting back into my bedroom, I tried to retrace my steps, but they just weren't appearing anywhere. This was not good.

Grabbing the black handbag I'd used that day, I had a quick scan inside and what do you know, sitting right at the bottom they were.

I'm such an idiot sometimes.

"Hey babe I'm just leaving now," I called into my phone before hanging up, not bothering to wait for a response.

I wasn't late as such, it's just that Leanne is always early, so she was not in the best mood when I finally made it to the bar out of breath. You'd think she'd cut me some slack - considering I practically ran here; but no she was in one of her moods.

Going to the bar, I ordered two double vodka and cokes, trying to bribe my way back into Leanne's good books.

How well do I know my friends? Lets just say 10 minutes later she was spilling all the gossip about her ex-boyfriend (from when we'd been around 15), who she'd run into today in town.

"No seriously I couldn't believe how hot he was," she gushed. "Why wasn't he like that when I'd gone out with him?"

"I don't know, I just don't see it," I frowned. The last time I'd seen Dino he'd been this lanky scrawny boy with a messy mop of hair and a pale complexion. Not one of her hotter exes.

"I know I didn't think it was possible, but I was nearly drooling," she laughed downing the rest of her drink.

"Drink up," she teased, glancing at the half full glass in front of me.

I sighed, before picking it up and swigging the rest of my drink back.

"Happy?" I joked.

"Yeah, good girl," she replied, picking up both glasses and heading to the bar for another round.

Plan B were great. Understatement of the century, they were fucking amazing. Starting off with 'She Said', they soon moved onto 'Praying' and 'Stay too Long'. I'd had way too many drinks by this point and was dancing like a complete lunatic with the rest of the pissheads on the dance floor.

When the song finished we staggered back to the bar, gripping each others hands as I steered her through the crowd trying not to lose her.

"Can we get, two double vodka's with coke and...." I started telling the barmaid, before turning to Leanne. "Do you want a shot? Two shots of aftershock please." I finished without waiting for Leanne's answer.

"That's ten forty," the barmaid told me slamming the drinks down on the bar.

Can you believe the costs of drinks these days? You have to practically re-mortgage your house just to afford a half decent night out.

I gave Leanne her shot and we both downed them expertly - you see those years of underage drinking have finally paid off.

"That guy over there keeps staring," Leanne shouted in my ear giggling.

Glancing over in the direction she was staring at, I instantly recognised him, with his friends surrounding him. The prick. Evan.

And he wasn't staring - that was more like a glare.

I'm not sure whether it was the drink, or if I was still just pissed off at him, but instead of smiling or waving, I gave him the finger.

I saw him raise his eyebrows before I turned away and started downing my vodka too.

"What was that about?" Leanne shrieked in my ear.

"You know my boss' loser son I told you about?" I asked her.

"Uh-huh," she said.

"Yeah well, that's him," I explained, giving her the look. You know the one - that basically screams 'I hate them', end of discussion.

She didn't take the hint. "No way, he's like hot as fuck," she giggled and I could just imagine the thoughts racing through her head right now.

"He's a prick," I muttered not thinking she'd hear over the music, but guessing by the smirk on her face she did.

"Whatever, come on let's dance," she cried out as they started another song.

It was a good night, apart from the half kebab I ended up wearing while walking up the road. I don't even like kebabs. I don't know why, they're so good. I need to get these more often. Where's my phone? I love Plan B, seriously I'm in love with them.

Oh my god, who put a brick in the middle of the road. Oww my bum hurts - hope I'm not flashing anyone.

I nearly laughed out loud with that one as I tried to push myself back up, but it was really hard. I was only across the road from my flat, might as well just crawl.

I'm so tired. Is that why I can't get back up?

After dragging myself up both flight of stairs with my hands, I finally made it to my front door and reached up to put my key in the lock.

It wouldn't even work, what is that about? Oh, there we go.

The lights were off in my flat. Where was the light switch again? Why can't I remember where it was? I've been living in this place for what, like a year or something, and I can't even remember where the light is? Ok, I'll just lie down here for a bit until I remember. Is there not a pillow or something nearby? What time is it anyway?

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