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I walked up the front stairs of Storybrooke High School and i took a deep breath. I was so excited to start this job. But I was also nervous. I mean... it's my high school. And I'm working here now. It's crazy. I worked my ass off the past five years to get my masters degree in teaching. High school English to be exact. And luckily they were looking for a teacher. This is my dream job. I loved my school. I walked into the school and went to the office, smiling seeing it was mostly the same except for the student achievement pictures. I walked over to the receptionist, Mrs. Nolan, and she smiled at me. "Hello Emma. It's good to see you again." She said and i smiled softly. "You too Mrs. Nolan." I said and she chuckled. "Sweetheart we work together now. Please. Call me Snow." She said and i nodded. "Principal Mills is ready for you." She said and i nodded. Mrs. Mills, Reginas mother, is the principal. I walked into her office and she smiled at me. "Hello Ms. Swan. It's so nice to see you again." She said and i nodded. "You too Mrs. Mills." I said and she smiled. "Let me get your key and stuff and you'll be ready to go. You're taking on the position as head of the English department as well as the English teaching position so you'll also have your own office. You'll have to stay after school on Wednesday's to meet with the other department heads. People in your department will report to you with any problems or questions they have and that's what the meetings are about." She said and i nodded. "You'll also be given a MacBook Pro, along with an iPad Pro since most school work is given online. You'll have instructions on how to set up your websites. And your school email is already set up." She said and i nodded again. "Alright. Come with me." She said and got up. She led me to the library and I smiled at the librarian. She seems to be about my age. "Ms. French, this is Emma Swan our new English teacher. I believe her things should be in here?" Mrs. Mills said and Ms. French nodded. "Lemme get it for you." She said with a smile. Her Australian accent is beautiful. She went to a small office and came back with a black backpack that had the school name and crest embroidered on it. She handed it to me. "It has all your information on it. And your technology is in there as well. Your keys and teacher ID are in the front pocket. Oh and I'm Belle." She said, smiling. I smiled at her. "Thank you. I'm Emma." I said and she smiled. "Now, Ms. Swan, I'll show you to your classroom." She said and i nodded. I put my bag over my shoulder and followed her. She led me up the second floor and to the English hall, which is across from the math hall. I wonder... she stopped at the classroom across from where Ms. Mills' class was and she smiled. This is your classroom. And your office is right next door. Any questions?" She asked and i shook my head. "No, thank you." I said and she smiled. "Alright. Your schedule and things should be in your bag. Have a good first teacher work day Ms. Swan." She said and left. Before I could go into my classroom, my name was called out, in that voice. I froze. "Emma!" She said again and I turned, just in time for her to hug me tight. I hugged her back. "It's so good to see you again! And you're a teacher!" She said, pulling out of the hug. I chuckled a little. "Yeah. You inspired me to be a teacher actually. I figured if i could inspire a kid the way you inspired me, it'd be worth all the work." I said and she teared up, smiling. "You're gonna make me cry." She said and i chuckled. "I hear you're the new English department head too." She said and i nodded. "I am." I said and she smiled. "I'm the math department head." She said and i smiled. "Why don't we get together for drinks tonight? We need to catch up." She said and i nodded. "Sounds perfect." I said and she smiled. "Text me your address. I'll pick you up at seven. Dress nice." She said and handed me a card with her number on it. I smiled and nodded. She went back to her room and i went into mine, smiling. This is gonna be a great year.

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