Chapter One- Another tedious day

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William ^ :p

I wake up and, with a soft shake of my shoulders, erase most of the foggy cloud from my mind.

I check the time on the gray, digital clock, that sits sullenly on the smooth expanse of my bed-side table.

[5:30 am]

I roll my eyes, the simple motion leaving an aching feeling deep in my skull.

A hour of waiting.

I stare around the room that seems to have imprisoned me for the last two months.

Soft, white curtains lay over a grey blind that covers the wide expanse of my window. Evergreen plants decorate multiple surfaces around my room; a real botanical touch. My colour scheme consists of gray, black, white, green and blue.

I remember picking out every aspect of this room; I remember being overjoyed yet scared of making a mess. Now, I can barely water the plants, let alone appreciate small details.

I count the stars pinned on my ceiling and wonder how long it's been since I've seen the real things, not just through the tinted glass of my window.

I wait in silence, too awake to sleep; too weak to get up.

Finally, I hear a knocking on my door.

I check the time,

[6:30 am]


"Sweetie?" The gentle voice of my mum calls, rough with a hint of sleep-deprivation.

"Yeah" I call back, my throat croaking from the minimal use.


She enters, carrying a tray of apple juice and yoghurt.

Mum's certain that having a balanced diet will 'mend me', although her optimism has died down over these last few weeks.

"Megan's in her room if you need anything" she reminds me, "I'm off to work now love."

"Bye Bye" I reply, it's the same every day.

Mum's hoping that I'll be healthy enough to go back to school for the new year; it starts in five weeks and things aren't looking too positive.

I sip at the drink slowly, managing almost half of the cup, before setting it down. Next, I tackle the yoghurt, the sweet apricot bursting onto my tastebuds.

And with a heavy mind and a full stomach, I drift off to sleep.


"One, two, three!" I hear a shout in my ears, and then i'm falling.

It's as if I'm flying through the air, the wind rushing into my ears; joyous tears rising in my eyes.

The parachute expands above me, a bright spectrum of delight.

I spot the green mass of fields, many miles beneath me and marvel at the tiny specs of white- sheep- that live in them.

The intense dropping feeling has died down and, instead, is overpowered by a sense of freedom.

I feel...truly alive.


And then I wake up.

Glancing towards the clock, I check the time.

[12:30 pm]

I roll my eyes.

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