Look After You (A Louis Tomlinson Fan Fiction)

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                  Heyyyyyyyyy! Ok First time writing a story by myself on wattpad! Fun, right. Ok hear it is no criticism please!

Chapter 1: Is this how you always meet guys?

*Kristens POV*

Yap, yap, yap, errrroooooooo...

I woke up to yet another day in hell. Yay. I jumped out of bed my feet hitting the cold floor immediately sending a shiver up my spine. No time for slippers, I thought once already half way down the second flight of stairs. I hesitantly walked up to the laundry room where my yapping puppy lay. I picked her up out of the cage and carryed her upstairs. I took a quick glanse at the clock afraid to see how early Reba (my puppy) had gotten me up this time. 5:55 it read, i groned. I never understood how a little puppy could get up at 6 in the morning almost every day and still somehow find a way to annoy the shit out of me non stop. After feeding Reba i quickly ran upstairs to throw some sweats and t-shirt on and my hair into a neater messy bun, apose to the rats nest of my morning hair. As i jogged down stairs i took a quick glanse at my phone and saw three twitter updates. I thought what the hell i have nothing better to do to entertain myself. After outside with Reba on our dayliy walk around the block, I clicked on Twitter. Most of the time the stuff on twitter didn't interest me but today something caught my eye. One Direction Starts Their Tour on the East Coast of USA Today!I Laughed thinking how awesome it would be if i could actually afford to go to one of their concerts.

See I;m not just your average One Direction fan, I am thee Directioner. I over shiped, defended them when some one insults them, loved one of the band mates most, had posters and everything you could imagine 1D, ect. I loved them obviously but i never had the money to see them perform live, properly. Well unless you count attempting to sneak backstage on a food cart and getting caught after their first set and getting kicked out by Paul.

Falling flat on my face snapped me back to reality. When i went to get up i realized i had not just fallen  flat on my face I had fallen ON someone.

"Sorry" I muttered going to get up. Before i had the chance to though the bot i had fallen on flipped over on to his back so i was now stradling him.

"Hello there love." He chuckled in a husky british accent. "So is this how you plan on meeting guys the rest of you life? Falling on them and just trying to walk away?" He said sounding very pleased. I went to answer but i couldn't i was mesmerized in his sea blue-green eyes. These were eyes i had only seen once before in my life, on Louis Tomlinson. But it couldn't be, can't be can it?I rolled off of him and sat on the ground as he got up. He kindly put his hand infront of my face gesturing to help me up. I took the offer still wanting to get a better look at his face. 

"Ello? Anyone there?" the guy said waving his hand infront of my face.

"Oh! Sorry! Just thinking..." I replied finally getting a good look at his face.

"I don't beleive i got your name." He said "I'm Louis, Louis Tomlinson."