Married Life with Veronica Sawyer (VeronicaxReader)

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I hope you enjoy! 

--Veronica still loves using crappy pick-up lines on you.

--She's very blunt with what she wants from you.

"Babe, can you get me some chocolate?"

--Loves being a total geek around you and only you, occasionally Martha.

--She likes helping you with your homework, especially with math!

--Veronica enjoys snuggling you everywhere from the park bench to a public restaurant.

--If you go full geek or nerd on her, expect to not come out of your room anytime soon.

--You love it when she holds your hand and kisses it.

--If you braid her hair, she acts like a cute puppy being pet.

--She loves being on top, you're always on the bottom.

--Veronica generally protects you from the jocks

--For a geeky nerd, she really puts up a fight against them.

--Imagine someone was about to touch you with one finger, yeah, let's just say that one finger is completely broken now.

"Nuh uh! No one touches my Y/N!"

--She loves kissing you in public

--She enjoys complimenting you.

"Damn, you have such a nice body, I'm super lucky!

--Overall, you two enjoy being together and you're married to one geeky girl!

I hope you all enjoyed! Love you guys!



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