6- Thiago Silva's cousin

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I am so excited to surprise my cousin at the stadium while training.

And by my cousin I mean The number 3 of the Brazil National team and the captain . yes Thiago Silva.

I arrived to the stadium wearing the Brazil jersey with Thiago's name on it.

And when i entered the field some guy with an amazing tan and brown and blond hair caught my eye .

Let me say "handsome alert".

He was staring at me from far.

I then noticed that Thiago was asking him about what he was staring at.

The boy pointed to me and Thiago turned and saw me.

The grin reached his face as he yelled my name running to me.

" (y/n ) I've missed you! how is my favourite cousin ?" he let go of me .

"i'm great how are you captain of the team ?" i winked at him .

"i'm never better" he laughed.

"come on meet the team" he pulled my arm over to the boys who were already in a group staring at me and Thiago.

"(y/n) meet my teammates : Dani . Hulk . Fred . Marcelo. Willian . Júlio . Oscar ... "

he kept naming the boys and each one shook my hand.

"...David Luiz and Neymar " he finished

and when i was about to shake Neymar's hand i noticed it was the guy staring at me .

His hand gripped mine shaking it but our hands stayed like this longer than we thought as I heard Thiago coughing at us.

He glated at Neymar. and Neymar shot him some type of look as he let go of my hand and they had eye conversation.

i felt someone shift beside me.

"they are having the trust aproval eye talk " it was hulk who whispered in my ear chuckling.

Oscar nodded from my other side.

wait when did they get here they were infront of me just now !?

Thiago nodded at Neymar and Neymar nodded back grinning wide.

What was that all about ?

"Training start" he yelled and the team started to train.

i watch all of them but my eyes focused on Neymar the most.

As the boys took a break David Luiz and Dani Alves sat on each side of me Neymar and Thiago talking in the distance .

"Ah the traditional asking the protective brother to date the sister conversation" Dani said looking at the two.

Neymar looked like he was trying to convince Thiago of something.

"In this case it's the protective cousin" David said .

"what do you guys mean?" i asked them confused.

"Neymar likes you and is asking Thiago for permission to ask you out" Marcelo said appearing behind us.

"how do you know that? " i asked

"i think it's obvious Neymar is almost on his knees begging. " Dani chuckled.

Thiago smiled and nodded .

Neymar jumped and hugged Thiago who laughed.

"oooh someone approved i see" Hulk said passing us.

Neymar came over to us and the boys went to Thiago.

"Hey (y/n), uhm i was wondering if I can take you out sometime? " he was nervously standing.

"yes you can" i smiled at him

"great uhm i'll text you then " he grinned and we swapped numbers.

after we talked a bit i heard Thiago's voice.

"(y/n) come on it's time to leave say bye to your boyfriend and come." he laughed

"he's not my boyfriend " i mumbled

"yet " Neymar added hugging me .

i hugged back for a while and the went to Thiago who smirked at me

i hit the back of his head and kept walking.



i'll maybe do another chappie if i feel like it.

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