Chapter 14: A Car (I)

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(No-One’s P.O.V.)

(Y/N): “This is much better, Peridot.”

Peridot: “Thank you, but it still needs a lot of work.”

(Y/N) sheathed his sword and looked at Peridot who was currently programming something on her computer terminal.

Peridot: “There we go.”

She pressed a button and a hologram appeared in front of  (Y/N). It was a Pearl clone.

(Y/N): “No. No. I can’t fight Pearl. I just can't. Besides, if I want to fight she could just summon Holo-Pearl.”

Peridot: “Yeah. I guess you’re right.” “Hmm- how about--”

Suddenly Lapis appeared behind (Y/N).

(Y/N): “Oh that one is good.” “Let’s fight.”

He unsheathed his sword and sprinted towards her. Right when he was about to hit her, she spoke up.

Lapis: “Wait!”

(Y/N): “Oh. I’m sorry. I thought you were a hologram.”

Lapis: “It’s okay.”

(Y/N): “How did you even find my house?”

Connie appeared behind Lapis.

Connie: “Woah this place is huge!”

Lapis: “Well, since Steven and the others are gone. I got bored and wanted to follow you. I took Connie with me.” “...And Pumpkin...”

Pumpkin: “Aarf!”

Connie: “How did you even find this place?”

(Y/N): “Well, I kinda took over this place. Family stuff, you know...”

Connie: “I see.”

Lapis: “Where is Lena, (Y/N)?”

(Y/N): “Lena is visiting her mother in Empire City for 2 weeks.”

Peridot: “That means we got to protect Beach City while they are gone.” “We need to BE them.” “I CALL GARNET! I’m obviously best suited to being the boss...”

Lapis: “You are very bossy.”

Peridot: “Aw thank you.”

Connie “Then I’ll do what Steven does.”

Peridot: “Lapis, you can be Amethyst.”

Lapis: “Which one is she?” *dead silence* “I’m joking...”

Peridot: “And (Y/N) will be Pearl, of course.”

(Y/N) suddenly had a glass filled with champagne in his hands.

(Y/N): “Round and round, let the city turn—“

Lapis: “Stop it...”

(Y/N) looked down onto his feet.

(Y/N) (whispering): “Champagne in my hand I’m not concerned...”

Lapis: “We can still hear you.”

Connie: “What are we waiting for? We have to go to Beach City, guys.”

Peridot: “You’re right. Let’s go.” “New Crystal Gems! Congregate! That means, come over here and do a cool pose.

Everybody tries to strike a pose but miserably failed at it.

(Timeskip to Steven’s House)

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