EXO Funtime- Sulay

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I woke up and the room was a huge mess, the guys are still inside, still thrusting in me, they're half asleep. I moved for a hard thrust myself and they both came in me, that made them wake up.

"Oh Babe, you're awake"-Kai

"Ne, had a good dream?"-Me

"Well I dreamt that fucked you the whole night and I never stopped, we both came in you a lot"-D.O

"Same dream"-Kai

"Guys, it's not a dream, and you both are still inside me now"-Me

"Oh sorry"-D.O

Then they both pulled out.

"We really fucked you a lot last night, just look at the bed sheet"-Kai

The bed sheet has a lot of cum on it.


After he said that the door opened and there reveals Lay and Suho.

"Guys how can we do her when the room has a lot of mark of your cum?"-Suho

"Well we can do her in our room"-Lay

"That's better"-Suho

They both carried me to their room and locked the door.

"It's time for our dick to have their time baby girl"-Lay

"This will gonna be the best sex I will ever expirience"-Suho

After they removed their clothes they both went in me and fucked me. Suho went in my pussy while Lay went in my asshole. They pounded in me hard for the whole hour. They both cam in me and they switched places afterwards. We fucked the whole day and we tried a lot of positions. After we finished fucking. I packed my clothes. Before I can leave the house they all fucked me for the last time, they all gave me their numbers and some pictures of them naked. I love these guys.... I'm so lucky to have a chance fuck each and one of them and that's what happened to me the whole week.
Ever since that encounter, I stay at their dorm one or two weeks a month... and I admit. It's better to be like this than have a playboy boyfriend....

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