Chapter 1 - Being Banished

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Percy's POV

"A-Annabeth?" I studdered, hoping the sight before me was not real.

My Wise Girl turned around, her blonde hair swished in the wind, her lipstick smudged, and not by me.

"S-shit! It's not w-what it l-looks like!." She said, as she tried to push Nathan, a new son of Hermes, away from their little 'session'.

I threw the engagement ring that I planned to give her at her face, it hit her in the nose and she caught it after she recovered from the hit.

I turned my back on her as I threatened the tears to fall, just as I was about to leave, I shouted,

"You know why I was gone for two months? I went to complete the trials your mom gave me to earn the right to marry you," By now we were both teary, while Nathan sat there shook. "I went into TARTARUS for you, I gave up immortality TWICE for you. And this is how you repay me?" I cried as she started to run after me.
"Forget it, we're over. I won't see you again, and if I do, I won't be the same."

I ran into my cabin, shut the door and broke down. I leaned against the door and put my hands in my hair as my tears fell down like waterfalls.

Black holes in my vision started to appear and before I knew it everything went black.

~~~~~~~~~~Time Skip~~~~~~~~~~

Third Person POV

Percy woke up and tried to scratch his face, but his hands were being held back. He flutters his eyes open to be met by the gold glance of the throne room of Olympus. Percy looks to his right and sees his wrists being held back by Celestial Bronze chains.

He looks up to be met with the glares of half of the Olympian Council.

"Perseus Jackson, you are being accused of countless attemps of murder towards your fellow campers. You are also accused of trying to ressurect deceased campers from Elysium, distrubing their well deserved peace in the process. How do you plead?" Zeus thundered, a hidden look of pity in the back of his eye.

"Innocent." Percy said, although he knew it wouldn't change anything. He hung his head as he looks down on the floor.

"Annabeth Chase's evidence proves otherwise." Dionysus spat, his eyes lighting a purple flame.

"A-Annabeth did this?" Percy whimpers, the tears suddenly falling without his consent.

As if on queue, Annabeth suddenly bursts through the door.

"I-I'm s-so sorry. I was told by my mother that she saw you kissing another girl. So I thought that the rumors were true because if you would cheat on me, you would have the audacity to kill someone. So I got the evidence that you did." Annabeth sobbed as she collapsed on the floor.

Apollo rushed to her side and took her away on a hospital bed that was built for Athenian kids.

"Fortunately, that Athenian spawn's confession still does not prove your innocence." Dionysus says as he spits to the side of his throne.

Zeus sighs. "Raise your hand if you deem right that Perseus Jackson shall be sent away for eternity."

Athena, Demeter, Ares, Dionysus, Hera, Hephaestus and very surprisingly Poseidon raise their hands.

"D-Dad? Why'd you raise your hand? I though you loved me." Percy chokes out as more tears start to fall.

"You are no son of mine, scum." Poseidon retorts. "After what you did, I'm ashamed to call you my son." He says as Zeus looks at him sadly.

"I, Poseidon God of the Seas, Earthquakes and Animals, hereby disown my son," He spits out, "Perseus Jackson, and strip him of his rights to the throne and the sea."

Percy could feel the power draining from him, although his demigod scent and his Achilles curse (which he got back) still remained. Even though through the process he wasn't physically harmed, his heart ached with such pain it could drive any normal being to insanity.

But no, this man wasn't a normal being. No, this was Percy Jackson.

Zeus sighs once again. "Raise your hand if you deem right that this young hero should be pardoned of these accusations."

Aphrodite, Zeus, Artemis, Apollo, Hermes and Hestia raised their hands. (Hades was not present at the time, as both Hestia and him reclaimed their thrones on the council.)

"We have a tie, and so Perseus Jackson will be detained in a cell in the prison of Mount Olympus until further notice." Zeus boomed, and was about to send the young hero away until he was rudely interuppted by Poseidon.

"If you do not send him away to that place, I will personally see to it that the Atlantians will wage war against Olympus." Percy's ex-father threatened, his grip on his trident tightening.

Zeus looks at me sadly. "I hope you understand why I need to do this nephew, to save any unnecessary conflict that would affect our forces."

Percy smiles at his uncle, nodding in the process. "Thank you for giving me a chance to prove my innocence."

Zeus stomps on the floor and a giant crack invades the throne room, sending Percy down into the Pit.

"Goodbye." Percy whispers as he falls down into the place he hates the most.

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