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Okay, so this story is different but similar from the ones I'm used to writing. 

It's a lot more personal since some of the stuff in here actually did happen (I'm not gonna say what, though :P). Other things in this story are what I saw in my dreams and nightmares. Others are just things that randomly popped up into my head because that happens, usually at 2 in the morning which is seriously annoying. (I mean, come on. If I'm going to have an idea, can it at least happen when I'm not half delirious?)

There are a few characters who I have based off real people in this story s I thought I should acknowledge just how amazing they are and that they have helped me through a few rough times. These are my two best friends (who I have known forever) and my boyfriend. Only two of these people are actually on wattpad so I'm gonna give them a tag so they know just how much I love having them in my life (@janicewee_ @Independent_Variable).  I have no idea what I would do without you three (even if I only talk to two of you on a regular basis cause one of you never answer their phone -_-).

Now, back on topic. This story may not take long to write or it may take forever. I honest to Ma'at have no idea. I'll probably be updating this one more than my other series since I've actually managed to publish some of the books (excited!!). Anyway, I'm hoping that writing this will help me be able to solve a few problems and get things out of my system. Apparently I keep things bottled up too much.

Finally, in each chapter I'm going to chose a song that either fits the chapter, is what I was listening to while writing it, or is just a song I feel like putting there. Be prepared for my random taste in music and a few songs about other series to pop up. 

Hope that you all enjoy this. 

Amneris out :P

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