Chapter 13

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I woke up, groaning as I sat up on the forest ground. I didn't know how long I had been out for. My head hurt as I groggily looked around, trying to figure out who or what knocked me out. My gaze shifted to my hand, where there previously had been a cut. It was all cleaned up now, bandages, not hurting anymore. I slowly got up, deciding it would probably be best to just get back to camp. As I stood up, I noticed something around my ankle. It was some sort of bandage. My ankle didn't hurt as much anymore. Whoever knocked me out certainly made it up to me.
It was a long trip back to camp. It didn't help that I had gotten lost more than once. The trees all looked the same. I tried following my own footsteps, but who was I kidding. I was no Finn. I hated Earth Skills and did everything in my power to sleep through the class. Boy, how I regretted that now.
I had spent a good five hours before I got back to camp. My ankle hurt like hell, but at least I wasn't thinking about the events of last night. I couldn't believe how idiotic I'd been. I actually walked out of camp, unarmed, into grounder territory, at night. I really should try to learn how to handle my feelings.

I had managed to sneak into camp, with no one noticing. I didn't really feel up for telling Bellamy why I looked like shit and had leaves in my hair. I sat on the upper floor of the drop ship alongside Jasper, when I heard something down on the level below me. Someone struggling. Not knowing what I was about to face, I hurried down the ladder, Jasper leading the way. Before I would see what was going on, Jasper had stopped, only staring at whatever made that noise. Something was wrong.
"He stopped breathing, I was just... I was trying to help him," I heard someone say, recognizing the voice quickly. It was Murphy. What the hell had be done? Jasper nodded, before climbing all the way down the ladder. But I didn't climb down with him. Something was up, I could feel it. It was probably best I stayed upstairs. I could only see so much of what was going on downstairs. I could see Jasper running towards something, Murphy following him. Something was terribly wrong. I could see the panic in Jasper, definitely not doing anything to reassure myself. I heard a gun being loaded and my eyes widened. Who the hell had a gun and why? Jasper had reached the ladder again, sadly no gun in hand. I tried to steady my breathing, not wanting to be caught up in whatever Murphy was doing. I could feel the hairs in my neck stiffen as I thought of what Murphy might do. I took a few deep breaths readying myself for whatever came next.
"Murphy, put the gun down," I heard Jasper trying to reason with Murphy. A moment of silence filled the drop ship.
"He tried to kill me," Murphy said, trying to explain himself. I couldn't even see him but I could see through his act. Jasper moved behind the staircase as I could see Murphy getting closer and closer. I tried slowly moving away from the ladder, not wanting to become a part of the freak show taking place down below. However, trying was the key word in that sentence. Just as I had slowly begun to crawl backwards, I knocked something over, something that made a sound throughout the whole drop ship.
"What the hell was that?" I could hear Murphy getting angry. I closed my eyes for a second and gulped. So much for not getting caught. "Who the hell is up there? Get down here right now or I'll kill Jasper." For a second, I thought about what I might do. I had nothing to protect me with. If I stayed up there, Murphy would surely just kill Jasper, before going upstairs to kill me, or whatever he wanted to do with me. If I came down, I might avoid Murphy's rage and see what he wanted. Besides, it is harder keeping an eye on two prisoners instead of one. I took a deep breath, before standing up, walking slowly down the ladder, finally facing Murphy. I could see Jasper was relieved. My eyes met Murphy's and with his gun, he motioned for me to go stand besides Jasper.
"Don't move," Murphy yelled at us, making me flinch. At this rate, I would be dead before sundown.
"Okay," Jasper said, holding his right hand protectively before him. Quite ridiculous actually. A hand couldn't stop a bullet. "It's cool." I chuckled slightly at Jasper's comment. How exactly was this cool?
"No it's not," Murphy agreed with me. However, I could've gone without the sinister tone. He looked like he was ready to murder the entire camp. "You know what would happen to me of you tell Bellamy." I gulped before taking a slight step back. I really was going to die.
"Tell Bellamy what?" Bellamy's Voice said, coming from the radio. Everyone went silent. All of us out of fear for what might happen to us. Murphy looked angrily at Jasper, before realizing the radio came from Jasper.
"Give me the radio," Murphy commanded. It seemed as if Jasper was about to comply, when he suddenly took the radio to his mouth.
"Murphy has a gun, he killed-" Jasper managed to say, before Murphy punched him with the gun. I took another step back, trying not to look too afraid, though I was probably failing miserably.
"Murphy! The hell are you doing?" Bellamy asked through the radio. I had to admit, it was good hearing his voice again, though not under the most ideal circumstances. Before I knew it, Murphy had managed to close the drop ship door, locking everyone out, locking me and Jasper in with a crazed killer with a gun. Great.
"Murphy," I heard Bellamy yell. "Open the damn door."
"You try to be a hero, Jasper dies," Murphy yelled back, not mentioning anything about me. However, it didn't help soothe my nerves. It only made me think Murphy had something even more sinister than death in mind for me. This day was just getting better and better. The drop ship door was now completely closed.
"Kane. Here, now," Murphy yelled, pointing at the other end of the drop ship with his gun. I was quick to comply, not wanting to anger him more. He motioned for me to sit down, which I did. Coming closer and closer to me, I couldn't help but think of what he might to. He had managed to tie Jasper up, whilst he was unconscious for a minute after being knocked down by Murphy. Now, it was my turn.
Taking some rope, he pulled my hands together and started tying. The rope was tight, burning my wrists. I winced slightly, in pain over how tight he tied me up. He smirked at me.
"Nothing to say now, huh. Kitten," he taunted, making me clench my jaw in sheer anger. The things I would do to him when I got out of these ropes.
"Murphy. Murphy, if you even touch Jasper, I swear," I heard Octavia yell outside the drop ship. I chuckled slightly, Murphy finally standing up, walking away from me. I breathed, somewhat relieved.
"Murphy, I know you can hear me. All our ammo and food on in the middle level, you know that. You're leaving us vulnerable to an attack. I can't let that happen," Bellamy said through the radio. Was this really was he decided to focus on?
"Well, in case you haven't noticed, you're not exactly in control right now," Murphy replied, making me scoff. What was it with men and this obsession over power? Murphy sent me a glare, as I realized my scoff may have been a bit too loud. I immediately looked down at the floor, not wanting to meet his eyes. He had already hurt me so much, I wouldn't let that happen again.
"Come on, Murphy. You don't wanna hurt Jasper, you wanna hurt me," Bellamy said, making Murphy look back at me one more time. Oh he wanted to hurt Bellamy, alright. Murphy looked torn. "So what do you say? How 'bout you trade him for me?" I shook my head slightly at Bellamy's offer. He really was an idiot sometimes. Murphy said nothing.
"All you have to do is let him go, and I'll take his place," Bellamy said, making Murphy finally shift his gaze from me to Jasper.
"How?" Murphy asked, his eyes not leaving Jasper. Murphy looked as if he might just kill Jasper.
"Simple. You open the door, I walk in, he walks out," Bellamy said through the radio. Murphy looked as if he actually considered it. Gosh, I wish I was Jasper at that moment. Silence filled the drop ship, before finally, Murphy opened the door.
"Just you Bellamy. Unarmed," Murphy yelled, as the door was completely open. "Ten seconds or I'll put a bullet in Jasper's leg." I heard something going on outside, making me hope they actually was going to storm the drop ship.
"One," Murphy yelled, making me look at him annoyed. Couldn't he stop yelling for just one minute? "Two, three, four, five-"
"I'm here," Bellamy yelled, finally getting Murphy to shut up. As Bellamy entered the drop ship, Murphy pushed Jasper out quickly, before hurrying to close the drop ship door. I looked at Bellamy with pleading eyes. He hadn't noticed me yet. Just as Bellamy was making his way closer to Murphy, his eyes fell on me, sitting on the floor, my hands bound. I could see Bellamy getting angry.
"She's not a part of this," Bellamy said angrily, trying to make his way towards me. I smiled slightly at him, just happy to see him. "You should've told me she was here." That's when Murphy pointed the gun at Bellamy, motioning for him to stop moving closer to me.
"Well, we don't always get what we want, Bellamy," Murphy said, sending him a sinister smile. He then proceeded to shot, shooting only a few inches above my head, making me flinch. I closed my eyes, sure I was going to die at that moment.
"Start tying," Murphy said motioning for some rope laying on the floor. I knew immediately what he wanted to do to Bellamy. He was going to make Bellamy feel the pain he went through.
"Bellamy," Octavia's voice sounded through the radio. "Bellamy, are you okay?" She asked, her voice getting more and more desperate.
"Want her to know you're alive? Start tying," Murphy said. I took a sharp, unsteady breath. I couldn't believe this. I couldn't see this. See Bellamy tie his own noose.
"Murphy," I said softly, trying to talk some reason in to him. Wrong move. He pointed the gun at me, looking more angry than I had ever seen him.
"Shut up," he yelled at me, making me flinch once again. I looked at the ground, biting my lip anxiously.
"Bellamy, do you copy?" Octavia once again tried through the radio. Bellamy looked at Murphy, before directing his attention to the radio.
"I'm fine. Just a misfire. Now stop worrying about me and get back to work. All of you. And tell Raven to hurry her ass up," Bellamy said, making me slightly angry at the Raven part. Sure, nothing had happened between them, but I still felt jealous. This was however probably my smallest worry at the moment.
"Alright, that's long enough," Murphy said, cutting Bellamy off. "Tie those two ends together." He sat down, looking almost regretful. Bellamy had done exactly what he said.
"Alright, now get up and toss it over," Murphy said, as Bellamy looked up. At that moment, he knew exactly what Murphy wanted him to do. As I watched the two, I could feel tears slowly running down my cheeks. This wasn't right. I didn't deserve to watch the man I loved being hanged. He didn't deserve to die. Bellamy got up, doing exactly what Murphy had told him to.
"What do you want me to say? You want me to apologize. I'm-" Bellamy said, moving slightly forwards. Murphy shifted his gun from aiming at Bellamy, to aiming at me. My eyes widened. This was so not how I imagined I would die. "I'm sorry." Murphy smiled at Bellamy.
"You got it all wrong, Bellamy. I don't want you to say anything. I want you to feel what I felt and then... then I want you to die. And I want her to watch. Then I want to hurt her as much as she hurt me." Murphy walked toward me, crouching down where I sat. Slowly he caressed my cheek, making me glare at him, half in disgust, half in anger. He moved his hand down my cheek, moving towards my neck, making it's way down to my chest. I closed my eyes, in fear of what he might do next. I could probably have kicked him away, but that would only anger him even more.
"Don't touch her," I heard Bellamy growl. Murphy only smirked, before walking away from he, leaving me to breathe a relieved sigh.

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