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Fuck my life.

My three friends are kicking me out of our flat. Who does that?

"You have to move out Cal" Luke said.

"Yeah, you need to learn your shit. You need to be independent somehow" michael said.

"And, you do nothing but play fifa while we work our asses to pay the bills." Ashton said.

"Plus you bring girls every night and just throw your condom somewhere inside you room"

"I don't usually have sex with girls-"

"The point is. You're grossing us out."

"You guys can't do this" i said.

"Yes we can!" They all said at the same time.

"You have to find an apartment, bud just for a month though, we needed a break from you" ashton said. I sighed.

They are right.


After spending two days of searching on the internet, i finally got an apartment that i could rent out, plus its cheaper cause i have a roommate.

I asked my sister Mali to check the place out and she said it was fine. Mom knows i'm moving out, and she was happy about it and i don't know why. She said i can move tomorrow.

I was about to pack my stuff but they're already in a box.

Fucking dicks. They already packed my stuff. Why do i even hang out with them.

Went to Walmart and bumped to a girl and her stuff fell. I didn't even helped her, i'm just so pissed at the lads.

I need a drink. I walk to my car. I open the trunk and throw all my stuff in. I carefully place my guitar at the passenger's.

I stop by at my sister's to get the fucking keys,then drove off, searching for a convenience store. Bought a case and drank in the car.

I drunk a half just to make sure i didn't crash all the way to the building where the apartment is.

I parked and stayed in here for a while.

I finished a full case of beer and step outside. I walked in the elevator and pressed 6th. I struggled with the keys. Crap.

I opened the door and went inside.

The place's already furnished, i guess it was pretty worth it. I tried to open the second door but it was locked. Fuck.

I opened the first door,took off my clothes and plunk down the bed.


I quickly ran to the bathroom and vomit. I didn't eat anything before i drank. Now i'm hungry. I am wishing that the completely furnished place includes a fully loaded fridge. I opened it and shit sherlock, i was right.

Man, so many food we got here. I wonder if its my roommie's food, but i don't care, i'm fucking hungry.

I pull out a chilled left over and throw it in the microwave.

"Holy shit!" I heard someone screamed. I turned around to see the girl earlier at the mall. I covered my dick, realizing that i was completely naked. I grabbed a small towel and tried to cover it.


"You're that guy from the mall! What the hell are you doing here?!" She covered her eyes but i can see her left eye peeking out between her fingers.

"Why are you screaming?!" I scrunched my nose.

"What the hell are you doing here?!"

"I live here" i groaned.

"What?!" She said calmly.

"I live here" i repeated.

"No" she said shaking her head. "Get out" she pushed me to the door.

"What? You can't do that"

"Get out! you're naked"

"Please don't. Don't kick me out. Not again." She furrowed her eyebrows.

I don't know why i said that.

"What?-screw it. You can stay. I'll deal with you in the morning and-"

She stubbed her toe.

I laughed. "You ok?" I tried to reach her hand but she squatted it away.

"Eww don't touch me you're naked"

"Oh shit. Yeah, i'll go get my clothes." I raised my hands in surrender. She shrieked again.

"J-just go" she said walking to her i assume her bedroom. "I'm Calum by the way" i shouted.

"Keia" she replied.

Oh shit. This is so embarrassing.


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