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Jungkook inched closer to you, before pushing his tounge in your mouth, you involuntarily opened your mouth as you gasp in surprised. You felt him smirk as he immediately took advantage of this and slipped his tounge in your mouth.

His tounge exploring your wet cavern before you fought with him for dominance, in which he won, obviously. You gently sucked on his tounge.

Wet noises escaped from the gap between your mouths. Suddenly, you felt a hand on your thigh, a faint moan came out of your mouth.


Nothing else happened in the shower, exclude the hot steemy kiss you both had. Jungkook is too worried about you, asking you so many times if you were really okay.

Jungkook placed you on his bed, while he look for something for the both of you to wear. He didn't even bother to go to your room to get some clothes for you, instead he brought out a white shirt and a strange lingerie.

You eyed the flustered boy in front of you, while he handed the clothes to you. While his back is facing you because he's searching clothes for himself, you quickly wore the lingerie, ignoring the pain between your legs.

You were slipping on the shirt above your head, when Jungkook had turned around to change. You didn't see him since the shirt is covering your eyes, and the fabric is not that thin, but not too thick.

Instantly, Jungkook's eyes widened and he felt his member wake up as his eyes travelled down on your body. Your body screams out hot as your wore the black lingerie. He didn't even regret giving you the lingerie.

Once you were done, you caught Jungkook look away with a hint of pink in his cheeks. You unconciously grinned seeing him so flustered after what he've done yesterday.

You: Seriously, how can you be so cute right now.

Jungkook slip on his shirt above his head, soon, his hand tucked on his towel, then turned to you with a smirk on his face. You looked away shyly.

Jungkook: Being a pervert aren't we?

You: Pfftt like you didn't looked at me earlier.

You scoffed rolling your eyes. You heared Jungkook chuckled, and heared a faint sound of something falling. You had the urge to look at him, but you stopped yourself from being a pervert.

You pouted while you let your body fall on the mattress, you closed your eyes. After some time, you heared Jungkook spoke, you can hear the smirk in his voice.

Jungkook: You lips seems lonely, I think it would like to meet mine.

You snorted before laughing. Suddenly you felt a weight above you.

You: Heeyy! You're too heavy!

You heared Jungkook chuckle before you felt a pair of lips against yours. You smiled in the kiss while moving your lips with him.


I really wanted to update, but my lazy ass wouldn't cooperate with me :<


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