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After a while of virgin roman talking virgil basically went through his entire life story leaving out the parts of rape.
And they start talking like they were old friends.

" looks like the storm is going to last for a while. We should look around see if we can find anything useful."

Virgil up and stretched.
They looked around the house a bit. there was the bedroom and Virgil noted that the fireplace had type handles on the side where you would put a pot under to mack food. He looked around for the pot.
Once he found it he washed it out with magic. Roman was exploring the bedroom to see if he can find anything useful.

Virgil use magic and fill the pot with water. Then grew some Wildflower, grasses ,vegetables, and herbs and put them in the pot of water.
Then he put the pot on the rackets to boil the food.
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After a while Roman came out empty-handed. He looked over and saw Virgil cooking something in a pot over the fire.

" what are you doing?"
" what is it look like I'm doing, I'm making vegetable stew"
" you can cook? Wait no that's besides the point where did you even get the ingredients"

"................... that doesn't matter"
" is it even edible?"
Virgil pick up a pillow and through that Roman
" of course it's edible!"
Virgin looks back at the Stu and then realized it was missing something

" there now it's perfect. Hey Roman can you go see if you can find any bowls anywhere?"
" sure but if I die from this"

Roman walk to the kitchen to see if you can find any bowls. And Virgil look at the stew and Cassius a spell on it.

" okay got the Bowls."
Virtual smiled to himself then turned around.

He took the pan off the rackets and carried it to the kitchen. He said down on the wooden table.
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