Part 1

Izeiah's Pov

I stared aimlessly outside the window as I waited for Raven to finish doing god knows what in her face. It's been an hour. And I'm already done with mine. I'm going crazy. I'm patient enough for chocolates but not patient for useless thing.

I threw the pen on table secretly and it hit Raven on her head. I laughed. Narinig niya yata kaya siya tumingin saakin at sinamaan ako ng tingin.

Nandito kami ngayon sa bahay niya. Unfortunately, I can't be seen going out of the Swift's property so I have to get ready here. There's like a party hosted by the Tria Fylis so it'll be a huge one and we have to atleast look presentable.

"Raven, malate na tayo. Can you speed up?" I irritatedly ask as I grab another pen to throw it at her but she caught me that's why I have to put it down.

"I'll just do my curls and we're good to go."


Since wala naman akong pinagkakaabalahan I'll be a sweetheart and describe my look.

Well, I'm wearing clothes and my hair is in some kind of hairstyle, I don't know. And I'm wearing makeup. And some jewelries or a jewelry because I only wore one. And shoes too. And I have a gun and knife underneath just in case.

(An apology in behalf of Izeiah's poor describing skills

Oops! Ang larawang ito ay hindi sumusunod sa aming mga alituntunin. Upang magpatuloy sa paglalathala, subukan itong alisin o mag-upload ng bago.

(An apology in behalf of Izeiah's poor describing skills.)

They've really outdone themselves this time. Not only does it have red but the dress is entirely red with no hint of other colors.

I look good. My makeup is really simple. I asked Raven to do do it just like it so I won't have to remove a pound of makeup off my face.

My neck is bare and my wrist is too because I don't want any hustle when time comes I have to show off my sweet moves. 😚

I stood up and was about to drag Raven out of the house by force if needed when she helped herself and grabbed her purse along with something. I'm too blind to see what was on her hands other than the purse.

But oh well.

Before I get in the car. She pulled me back and did something on my waist. I don't know. I can't even bother to focus on something right now because of irration.

"There. Look at you, an adorable sexy head turner. Now put a smile on that cute pretty face and we're ready." She said. I frowned at her as she took a picture of me.

"That's what I thought." I was glad she took the hint. I can't stand any of this anymore.

We were 100% running late. This is all because of Raven. When time comes, I will definitely kill her because she's taking way too long to get all her shit ready. She woke me up 6 in the morning and I didn't even have breakfast. Yeah, I know what your thinking. How the hell did I survive?

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