Chapter 5 ~Liam~

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Liked by @harrystyles @niallhoranofficial @zayn and 2,876,325 more

RealLiamPayne I'm sorry Niall, but me and @zayn met up first.

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niallhoranofficial Liam, how could you, I feel personally attacked right now.

RealLiamPayne I'm soorrrryyy @niallhoranofficial

harrystyles this is the best, dont worry Niall, I'll come over later and cuddle. 😂

louist91 But-but I thought I was the only only one who got your cuddles Hazza?@harrystyles

LarryBitch ^omfg thats so cute!!

harrystyles Aww, come on Lou dont be mad, I'll cuddle you later, I promise.

louist91 no, you have betrayed me.

harrystyles Nooooo boobeaaarrr pleeaassseee!!

louist91 oh alright fine,

harrystyles yyaaayyyy!!

LarryBitch that was adorable 😢#larry

Eleanorj92 Louis, what about that date you promised me, hmm

louist91 oh get off, 🖕

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