Chapter 2

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Cynthia just stared at him. Either she was dead or she finally snapped. If that were the case, what did she have to lose? She finally got up, when she stood her leg almost buckled. The courage she felt, left as quickly as it had flowed into her. Cynthia could feel her panic attack revisiting her, he was a close friend. She took a deep breath and slowly stood. The blinds began to close. The lights turned on as soon as the blinds made it half way down.

She took another step and it hit her again. What was behind that door? Cynthia, was letting her mind run off again. Slowly, she could feel the air being ripped from her lungs. It felt as if she was losing life itself. "Breathe, Cynthia you need to breathe," Johnny said. Slowly the world began to shrink on Cynthia, until all that was left was darkness, darkness and her.

Cynthia woke to the wind blowing in her hair. She was in the back seat of her parents car. Her Father was in the passenger seat and her Mom was behind the wheel. Cynthia didn't feel so well but the air helped. She had a strange feeling in her gut but she brushed it off and stared out into the forest. The smell of pine soothed her stomach, but her other senses wouldn't let her rest.

She could hear something in the distance, but it wasn't a sound she recognized. She couldn't see anything through the trees. It was the smallest noise, she didn't know where it was coming from, but she could hear it. A familiar tune came on the radio and Cynthia's Dad turned up the volume. Slowly a guitar plucked the unfamiliar noise out of Cynthia's head.

This time, Cynthia felt a knot in her stomach, the kind that came with the fear of watchful eyes. Something or someone was watching them. It was even more alarming that their car was going eighty miles an hour. Something caught her eye in the forest, there was something far beyond the trees. The tree's were so thick that you couldn't see ten feet into the forest. She could hear the sound getting closer, it felt like it was right outside their car, whatever it was.

Cynthia saw what had caught her eye. She couldn't quite make out its shape but it was as tall as a house. The creature was moving in unison with them. Cynthia knew those trees wouldn't stop it, and it was coming for them. She began screaming at her parents. The music was drowning out her screams. Suddenly her seat-belt tightened and pulled her to the seat. Cynthia kicked and screamed helplessly. Her parents continued their conversation, as though Cynthia wasn't even there. Cynthia's eyes began to fill with tears, she felt the world swallowing her. She turned towards the forest just as the creature hit the vehicle.

It instantly woke Cynthia up. "You're okay," Johnny said. Cynthia felt like she had just sprinted a mile, she was covered in sweat. Johnny handed her a glass of water. Cynthia grabbed it and quickly chugged it down. Cynthia could see the door still standing behind Johnny. "Who the hell are you?" She asked. "Let me show you." Johnny said, he extended his hand to help Cynthia up. Cynthia took Johnny's hand and pulled him to the floor. She quickly dared for the door. "Wait!" Johnny screamed. It was too late.

Cynthia stepped through the door and stopped. The door had led her to them middle of the forest. She didn't recognize it, but the smell of pine hit her like a brick. Cynthia began frantically searching around her, Johnny made it through and shut the door behind him. "Cynthia, what were you thinking?" Johnny asked, he was more assertive than during their normal sessions. Cynthia stopped and turned towards him, "What was I thinking? Are you serious? Do you even care about any of your patients?" Cynthia snapped. "I do care, but what was on your mind specifically before you opened the door?" Johnny asked. Cynthia kept her distance from Johnny, she retreated deeper into the forest as he approached her.

Cynthia was thinking about her parents, and about that car ride. She stopped suddenly when her feet hit something as hard as rock. Cynthia looked around and she was standing on the edge of a road. The trees got thicker as they drew closer to the road. It almost made a curtain for the forest, one you could barely see through. "I had a nightmare, I was in the car with my parents when something attacked us," she answered. "We have to leave, now." Johnny said. Cynthia was frozen, what did he mean? There was no way this was the same place. If her parents were here then so was that thing.

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