Married Life with Chandler (ChandlerxReader)

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I dedicate these next few X-Readers, to you guys, who've stuck around and commented on my posts! I hope you enjoy!

--Chandler LOVED peppering you with kisses at the reception.

--She adored the cute giggles you make if she teases you in public.

--Heather loves resting her head on your shoulders as she gets sleepy.

--Fortunately, she loves slouching on the couch with you while watching movies.

--Since you two are married, only you get to see her without makeup.

--She has freckles.

"They look so cute!" you squeak

"Not as cute as you, of course, darling!" she cooed

--She's like a cat: acts like she wants attention, but gets annoyed when you don't shower her with it.

-- She's obsessed with putting makeup on you, whether you like it or not

--On your honeymoon, she takes you to a fancy beach resort and eats at an expensive restaurant.

--She spoiled you with a diamond ring on the day of her proposal to you.

--Heather is very possessive of you, not a foreign finger can touch you, only she touches you.

"Excuse me, only I get to touch her!"

--This time around, she's even more passionate about the way she makes love to you.

--Overall, she's like a guardian angel. She's sent down to protect you and love you, no matter what the cost!

I hope you enjoyed!



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