Izeiah's Pov

I was standing not far from a place where I see two people. Two people lost in their own world. Me and Ivan were suppose to have a picnic there but too bad someone got here first.

I'm so sad and pissed.





"Hindi mo ba iniisip kung ano ang ginagawa mo?" Tanong sakanya ng isa sa mga nakakataas. Hindi sumagot si Izeiah and sinamaan nalang ng tingin ang matandang babae.

"I was trying to give myself my own protection. He proved to be capable enough to protect me from people whom I don't even know why they hate me. And yet you destroyed my human shield. I was just giving myself a fair play"

"Hindi mo lang alam napapalapit lang siya sayo dahil meron siyang kailangan. And we cannot risk exposing our clan to him, you know that" matigas na sabi ng isa sa mga babaeng matatanda.

"How ironic can you be? I'm using him so if he does the same I won't feel as bad."

"Izeiah, you can play a dangerous game but if you put the clan in danger I'm afraid that's where I'll draw the line" mahinahon na sabi ng leader sakanya.

"I know my limits. And yet you doubted it. The game I've been keeping myself amused with was over before I can even end it? Now tell me why I shouldn't be mad?!" Sigaw nito. She was fuming mad.

"Tone down your voice!"


My brows furrowed.

It was the wrong video.




The video was sent to him.
What's the next move now, Izeiah?


I gripped my phone tightly but then it loosened. Maybe this is a better ending between us. Fate just don't allow us to be in peace. It would have been better if we haven't met at all. Too bad.

I put my phone back to my pocket and turned my attention back to the two people. They were still kissing like it's the end of the world. Those two were Clarisse..... and Ivan.

Napailing nalang ako. Things are better when he and I are not together.
It's more peaceful but uncomfortable for some reason.

I fished out my phone again and called him.

On the Phone


Why what?

Why did you break our deal?
And even got the nerve to edit the fucking video!

What the fuck are you saying?
I didn't even made a single move, you little brat and here you are blaming me.

Didn't you send the video to him?

No! I don't work that way. I keep my promises as long as you do too. Urggh, this brat blaming me. That's why those chocolates doesn't deserve to live.

Excuse me?! Take that back. Chocolates have the right to be eaten you piece of shit. Goodbye and may you have a not so nice day


Nanginginig ako sa galit. I hate that guy. Whoever that guy is.

It was already night time. Well what can I say? Time is faster than you think.

"It's already been how many months since my cold blooded self have vanished. Now I want it back. Stupid me for letting the walls be so weak that it even failed to protect me from outsiders."

I should have invited that guy because I have to ask another favor. Oh well, whatever, I'll just ask him to pick it up tonight or tomorrow np worries.

I find myself walking towards some place. The waterfalls. Where that mean wolf lives.

As soon as I got close to a certain distance, the dog came running to me like I'm some kind of threat needed to be disposed as soon as possible. But when he saw my face he was dissappointed. Damn this dog for making me worthless.

I sat near the pond and bury my feet deep in the water while keeping a good distance away from the bad wolf, why can't he be a duck instead? Atleast it's a fluffy yellow cute duck instead of a very mean wolf.

Tumingin ako sa kalayuan. My eyes stings. Then suddenly it was raining. I held my hand up infront of my face to see the droplet. It stopped raining. But why is my face wet? How is this possible? Is it even humanly possible?

Oh I just realized.

I'm crying.

It means my heart is hurting again. I felt the big bad wolf beside me, studying my face full of tears. It lay down on my lap. Ano ba ang ginagawa ng lobong to at parang natamaan ata ng kabutihan?

"Bakit ang bait mo ngayon?" I pet his head. He gave me a low growl.  Unti unting nababasa ang balahibo nito. Might be because my face won't stop producing tears.

He suddenly sit up straight he hit my chin.

"Aray ko!" Feeling ko na dislocated na ang neck ko.

He sat on my lap and rub his head on my neck. Never knew this wolf could be this sweet. I hugged it and buried my face on it's neck.

I let out a muffled cry. I never felt this way. My tears never come out unless it's time for some acting. This is so unreasonable.

"Ahh!" I screamed. The dog didn't mind. Atleast he's nice enough.

"Do I really deserve this?" Naramdaman kong gumalaw ang lobo. Nakit akong nagsway ang tail nito at lumipad ang isang bato at tinamaan ang isang parang CCTV. What kind of wolf is this that it has to be guarded?

"You're a big bad wolf. But it seems like you're nice today." I said as I let go of it. He shook his body.

"Life gives us what we deserve. Maybe I really dk deserve this. After all, I want things to end this way." I stood up. The same time my phone quacked.




There's a party tomorrow. I'm going to pick you up tonight.


That's strange. You didn't opposed to it. Did something happen?


No. Some things just took place a little early, that's all.

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