[50: Car]

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It was a smooth ride so far. The sky was pitch black and the lights alomg the road were dim. Buildings had their lights shut off and overall, it set off a very eerie and quiet atmosphere. It sent shivers down your spine.

Suddenly, a woman, with long hair that was let down, threw herself in fromt of your car and you got so startled and slammed on the brakes as your body flung forward but your seatbelt held you back (see children, this is why you should wear them).

"Oh my god...what just happened?" You muttered out of confusion and pure shock. Your breath hitched as you stepped out of the car and look for any trace of the woman; in front of it and behind it.

But she was nowhere to be seen. So you inhaled sharply and looked under your car and saw a face staring right back at you, smiling.

It was the woman.

You stood up and was about to run but then you felt yourself being grabbed by something that was above the car. It was a pair of arms. Bloody arms.

You felt your body being pushed up against the car from behind you and you couldn't move or say anything. You couldn't see the thing behind you and didn't dare to make a sound.

That thing that grabbed you leaned towards you. And you were sure it was the woman.

But, you didn't feel her long hair on your skin.

Edit: I forgot that it was this book's first birthday! Happy birthday to my little book which has given me so much more exposure to Wattpad and Krispies! :)

thank you for making this possible~ (usually my books don't even last 5 months but yeah)

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