Eren Jaeger x reader (lemon)

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-your prov-

I sat next to Eren as we waited for the titans to attack out side. He seemed really pissed, so I tried to not talk being the annoying person I was, I couldn't help it. " Eren do you think we'll see any titan's today?" he looked at me then yelled

"Shut up or I'll smack you!" I gulped and looked the other way to see Armin bring us some bread. I smiled and ran up to him

"Hey Armin!" he smiled back " hey (your name)"  he handed me the bread, as I took it I stated 

"Thanks." hugging him, then went back to Eren. "Here's your bread." I sated as I went to hand it to him, only for him to growl in responce. " Y-you okay?"I asked as he looked at me angrily  

"What the hell did I say?!" H loudly questioned. I looked away and mumbled

 "I miss the old you..." He then grabbed my chin, then questioned

 "What did you say?" I shook my head, only to see his expression getting madder by the second. So I stood up walking away.

-time skip-

. Once I reached home, I laid on my bed, and began to talk to myself.

 "Why can't you see I like you?" sighing, as knock at my door. "who is it?" I questioned.

"E-Eren..." The voice came from the other side of the door. I looked down.

"Come in!" I said as happily as possible so he'd cheer up.

(Y/N) I'm really sorry for all that. It's been 3 years since my mom died, and I'm just really mad that it was her who died." I looked at him with sorrow.

"I'm sorry Eren..." I said, he nodded

"(y-y/n) I-I love you too..." Eren stated blushing

"H-How did you..." I got cut off by him kissing me, I blushed as my eyes widened, I kissed back hesitantly still blushing. Once I couldn't breath I pulled away and he got close to my ear and whispered 

"I love you so much, but do you want me to show you how much my dear?" he smirked. I blushed and he pushed me down on the bed. He began to unbutton my shirt, kissing my neck attempting to find my soft spot. Once he did I stiffened. He chuckled against my neck and nibbled on it, I let out a quiet moan. He bit down hard making blood come out, licking it clean as I let out whimpers. He ripped of my pants as I went to cover up, he grabbed my arms and smiled at me "It's okay you're beautiful." he stated. I nodded my head and gave up on hiding myself. He looked me up and down as I blushed. He took of his shirt,pants,and his shoes. I blushed darker as he took my bra off and panties. He smirked and said "Already wet." I closed my legs and said "what are you so worried about?" i answered " I-I'm embarrassed." he chuckled " don't be" he said as i nodded my head and he took of his boxers and i blushed at his size and before i said anything he said " it'll fit" and i blushed darker. He smirked, whispering  "Suck it." I blushed, responding

"O-okay" I looked at it, putting my hands around it softly and licked it. He said "I said suck, not lick." I blushed, the proceeded to put as much of his member that could fit in my mouth, then started sucking. He let out a moan as I continued that till he pushed me head down making me take all his size. I slightly gagged on it but got used to it and bobbed my head up and down and kept doing that till he came into my mouth. I pulled away and was about to spit it out but he held my mouth closed and said "Swallow!" I nodded my head and swallowed it. He then laid me on my back, poking his member to my area "Ready?" he asked. I gulped and nodded my head an he whispered "I'll be careful." I nodded my head and he entered me. I yelped tears falling and he waited til i got used to him,and i nodded my head and he moved in and out slowly. I moaned and he moved faster making my moans louder and i yelled out

 "H-harder!" he went as fast and hard as he could and i kept moaning and he said "Say my name."

 I moaned out "E-Eren" He said "louder!" I yelled at the top of my lungs " EREN!" and came as he continued to thrust some more then he came as I blushed. He slowly pulled out and hugged me into his warm embrace.

"(y/n) i'm still sorry for my actions" he said, then realized I was asleep,he smiled and laid there holding me. Not wanting to sleep.

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