Calm The Fire: 121

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Those who had healing knowledge had stayed behind in the camp, a few armed guards were situated around. Those who were able to get transported back were cared for. Placed in canvas beds and promptly looked over, bandaged up, and medicated with whatever was present.

Naturally all Healers flinched and turned to look out of the tents they were in when there was a thunderous roar. Obviously the last thing they expected to see crashing through the clearing and skidding to a halt was a large black bear.

Someone dared to step forwards only to get snarled at, this made them take a step back while holding up their hands to show they meant no harm. The bear lifted its paw and extended its arm forwards. Unfurling it the surrounding people didn't expect to see Thorin suddenly laying on the muddy damp ground. Nor did they wholly expect someone to struggle from the bears back and falter forwards.


Náriel narrowed her eyes and tried to get them to focus. “Bellethiel?” She whispered while falling into the woman's arms that she had named. Bellethiel had come from Mirkwood with intentions to not take part in the fighting, but to take care of those who were harmed. She wasn't expecting to have to treat her Princess though. This was a sudden shock to the system as she carefully – with help – carried her into a tent.

Surrounding guards did the same to Thorin, while tentatively looking to the bear who still stood and watched coolly. Once they had both been taken away did it turn around and bound off back to the battlefield.

Laying in the canvas bed Náriel looked up at the sudden faces which peered down at her. They were talking rather quickly so she couldn't wholly understand what they were saying. She could however pick up on what action they wanted to take. Shouting and flailing her arms she tried her hardest to deter them from getting at the wound on her side. It was painful and them poking and prodding wasn't going to help.

Hearing heavy footsteps she looked up when Thorin stood looking down at her. “They're trying to help.” He said while reaching slowly up and tugging free what armour was left on. He had suffered a similar fate to Náriel. No sooner had they laid him down had they taken quickly to cutting at the ties which kept his armour strapped to him. With these gone they were able to gently pull him free of it to see what wounds adorned him.

Already he could feel someone trying to guide him back to the bed he was previously on. He looked down and frowned. Blood was slowly dripping down his arm and off of his finger tips. The rhythmic dripping sounds also caught Náriel's attention, she tried to look down at the floor only to wince. The wound on her neck was causing her problems in more than one way.

Leaning his hands on the bed beside her, he tried his hardest to stay in an upright position. Which was quite hard considering he had very little feeling in one leg because of the spear, and the muscles in his other leg were tired from the battle. He could feel his body slowly trying to shut itself down to rest, and yet he was ignoring it for the sake of trying to give Náriel some sort of peace of mind.

Grabbing a hold of her hands he looked up at the Healers and gave a nod. From where he was laying he could clearly hear them saying that part of the blade which had stabbed her had broken off and was still within her.

Though they were uncertain of accepting his help considering he was close to collapsing, they accepted it nonetheless. Cutting away her top they were able to asses the injury which was still steadily pumping out blood.

With gentle motions one person washed blood away to clean the sight, while the other got prepared to take out the embedded metal. It was an action which caused Náriel great distress, and it was distress which she took out on Thorin's hands because she suddenly gripped onto him. The grip didn't last long before it loosened, her whole arms went slack and her head lulled to the side.

She had fainted. Which on the grand scale of things was probably for the best. Lifting her hands up he kissed her knuckles before literally falling back to the canvas bed behind him. He tried to ignore the stinging sensation of the Healer's hands on his wounds. Looking to the side he looked to Náriel. She wasn't looking too well, which was something which didn't surprise him. She had a pale complexion on the best of days, but now she was even paler. Whether it was exhaustion kicking in making his vision fail him, but he could swear her skin was tinted a pale opaque blue. She looked at peace though, oddly enough considering the moment. Looking to the tent door as it opened his eyes looked confused at the sight of not just Fíli but of Kíli too. Shutting his eyes and trying to remember back he could vaguely remember them calling out his name and rushing forwards when he finally hit the ground back in the battle. With a heavy sigh it was Náriel's peaceful expression and the knowledge of knowing his nephews were close by that lingered in his mind as his eyes slowly shut and fell into unconsciousness too.


It was sometime later that Náriel awoke to quiet voices. She opened her eyes slowly and managed to stiffly turn her head to the side. She frowned at the feel of gauze, they had bandaged her neck up just tight enough to keep a dressing in place, but not tight enough to choke her.

Her eyes immediately landed on Bilbo, who had appeared from she could only guess the battlefield because he was still covered in mud with a few specks of blood on his skin. He sensed her looking and looked to her.

He gave a very strained smile while she just blinked. For the moment her voice was missing, tilting her head more she looked to Thorin who looked from her then to Bilbo. Her eyes gradually widened, Thorin was in worse shape than she thought. Even from here she could see the patches of bloody bandages which were strapped around him. His armour had all been taken off and laid dented and buckled on the floor.

Hearing a quiet footstep to her side she looked painfully up to the side, she let out a breathless sigh as Thranduil reached out and put a hand on her forehead. She blinked slowly and managed to look around with her eyes, without moving her head to much. Everyone seemed to be here, Gandalf, Bard, Legolas with Tauriel, Thranduil who remained by her side. Bilbo who behind him had the other Dwarves lined up looking to their leader.

“Farewell, good thief,” Thorin said in a strained tone while wincing while taking a deep breath. Bilbo looked at him with wide eyes and shook his head slowly. Thorin gave a half smile and managed to hold up a hand. “Do not look at me like that, Master Baggins.” Thorin paused and collected his breath back with closed eyes. “If this is my time to go, I wish to depart with words of friendship.” He said honestly while opening his eyes and looking to Bilbo. “I take back what I said at the barricade. I did not mean it, to either of you,” he said while looking to Náriel who was looking at him with wide tearing eyes. Thorin smiled and managed to reach over and place a hand to her cheek. There was very little space between the two beds so it was an easy action to do. “It's all right, I’ll go and be with my fathers in peaceful halls away from strife.”

“I may see you there,” Náriel whispered hoarsely. Her voice was seemingly back only to fail.

Thorin managed to shake his head slowly. “Your place will be in the West. Though I would like nothing more than to be with you forever.” Náriel didn't have an answer to this she just managed to shakily reach up and put her hand over his and smile through her tears.

Bilbo looked from one to the other and bowed his head. “Farewell, King Under the Mountain.” He said lowly with lingering sadness. “This is an unwanted ending to this most interesting of adventures. Yet, I am glad that I was able to share in your perils.” Bilbo looked up at Thorin who just smiled and gave a nod over his words.


(A/N: Hm....Drag Thorin to the Undying Lands if you're to go, Náriel xD I bet all those Elves will just LOVE you for it, hah, though come on, if Gimli could go, why not Thorin before him? It'd be hilarious. Ok, ok, moving on, no one is going to the Undying Lands in the West. I know, I kinda ended this chapter weirdly (or at least I think so) but it's hard to get it to end in such a way to like...differ from the book and to go along with my 'happy heart wrenching ending'. And come on, at this point, Thorin is dead in the book remember? He pops it not long after he's rekindled the bromance with Bilbo xD)

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