Chapter 16

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As soon as we left the building, I had Blaine and Silas by the neck. "I told you both not to come!"

"A-Ava." Silas cried out at the pain I was causing him as I dragged the both of them towards their car I recognized in the distance.

"We just wanted to make sure you were going to be okay." They protested.

"You just put yourselves in more danger!" I pushed Silas into the passengers side. "I'll deal with the both of you when I get home."

"Why did you let them come? You knew they were following Carter." We watched their car disappear down a dirt road.

He knew they would have left the house. I pulled the keys from his hands.

"I wanted to see how loyal they would be." He shrugged. "Idiots just made themselves targets to make sure you were okay even though I was there with you."

"Get in the car Carter." I shook my head at him. "I'm driving."

People started piling out of the warehouse so I threw the car in reverse and took off towards the airport to drop Carter off.

"Promise me, you will be safe while I'm gone Irmazinha. (Little sister)" He stared at the side of my head intently.

Carter is going back to Brazil to take care of some things, not by choice. I forced him to go back because it was expected for him and I to be stuck together while this all went on, only leaving him vulnerable but knowing Carter he would have had everything under control, but it didn't mean I wanted to risk it.

"I'll be okay." I tried to insure him but I knew it wasn't doing much.


"You're going to be okay? Right?" I asked once we arrived to the private strip one of his jets currently sat on.

"Don't worry about me Irmazinha." He kissed the side of my head. "I will call you once I land."

I waited for him to enter the private jet and left as soon as he was in safely.The trip home was spent thinking through my next move.

My phone vibrated and Fane's name illuminated on my screen. I talked to him often, I never felt sorry about the way I treated him the last time I saw him. I don't trust him or any of his men, so I kept them at a distance for now.

His family still have not contacted him but last I heard about them, they were traveling the world with the money Fane had put away for an emergency. Some people will only love you as much as they can use you. Their loyalty ends where the benefits do.


"Ava, where have you been?" Nadia tackled me into a warm embrace as soon as I entered the doors of their home.

"Out." I returned her hug. "The usual."

"We were worried, Silas told us everything." She searches me frantically for any kind of wounds.

"Of course he did." I stared at him pointedly.

"Did you see the way Killian was watching her?" Silas ignored me and continued to talk among himself and the guys.

"It was like he was seeing you for the first time all over again." Blaine explained, deep in thought. "Killian didn't even flinch when the knife came for his father."

"Killian has always had plans to take over from Lucian." I muttered, I didn't feel guilty about how things went down tonight.

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