The Bitch

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Aryan was in better health when he reached his fifth month. His food patterns and sleep has all settled down and he was coming out of the depressed state post his dad's death. And Salvatore was, well, not loving exactly, he just cared more. Atleast Aryan knew why the man would be late.

The first such call was funny. He still remembers it. He was in the office going through the files when he saw his phone ringing.

'Husband calling'

Aryan felt a smile bloom on his face as he picked it up.

"So, there is this emergency in Alpino which is a few miles away. I will be late. Have your meds. I have, I have shared my location with you," said Salvatore.

Aryan was silent as he held the phone close to his ear for a few seconds.

"Are you there?" asked Salvatore.

"Mmmm, I will wait up," said Aryan.

Salvatore was silent for some time and then he said "Ok".

Aryan blushed as he thought of it even now, a month later.

Right now Salvatore was asleep and had his arm firmly around him.

Aryan ran his hand over the tattoo on Salvatore's body. There was not so many. Two, other than the Mafia tattoo which his dad also had. One with three lines with an M above it. He had a guess as to what it meant and the other is an A melding in with a V and they were beautifully done. He knew what that stood for.

He has etched his family into his skin, their family.

Salvatore woke up and saw what Aryan was doing.

"Can't sleep?" he asked.

Aryan looked at him and cuddled himself closer to the man and finally gathered the courage to say "It's them isn't it?" asked Aryan.

Salvatore sighed but made an "hmm" and his grip around Aryan just tightened. Aryan purred a bit. Then there was silence.

"I miss dad," said Aryan.

"I do too," said Salvatore after five minutes of utter silence.

"I know," said Aryan.


Aryan dressed up for a function. Salvatore saw Aryan check his stomach which was showing now, atleast to those who know him before he started carrying. Aryan looked cute with a growing bump.

Salvatore did not realise that he was staring. Aryan cleared his throat and looked at Salvatore.

Aryan's cheeks were red. He saw the way his husband was looking at him.

"Let's go," said Salvatore.

"So, what was this thing Caroline was warning me about in the Kolepo gang?" asked Aryan.

"I am surprised she didn't tell you the whole shit already," said Salvatore.

"What?" asked Aryan.

Salvatore looked at Aryan who was now straightening his coat out and dropped a kiss on his cheek.

"Okay, I can see why she did not. You might not take it well. Ok, I was once engaged," said Salvatore.

Aryan froze on his steps and looked at him.


"This Kolepo gang, they have been our allies and Richard Cursovie's sister had an unnatural obsession with me since we were teenagers. She is probably the only person other than you who I have had sex with more than once! Well, twice, almost - and she went to her brother and demanded that we get married. I said no and well a gang war ensued and your dad intervened. He asked me to stay calm and accept for now. I did. On the day of engagement, after the ceremony, I had been too pissed off. I just shot the Kolepo ally and they will only have us to have a balance. Thus, I held power over them and I got the engagement cancelled. She calls herself my fiance. She is mad," said Salvatore.

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