Chapter 20: Welcome To The Family

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Before I even had time to react, Coral was by my side. A spiral of water flowed out of the lake and wrapped around her sparkling tail. It caressed her, holding her by my side. I stared at the water in absolute disbelief, a fish even swam in one of the many spirals. Her face held anger as she stared at the many wolves. All their jaws dropped at the sight of one of the rarest creatures on the planet other than griffins. Everyone seemed frozen at the sight of the livid mermaid, even the Luna took a step back. She raised her hand, pulled it back and act like she was holding a baseball as she threw her hand in their direction. A tsunami flooded over the wolves, everyone howled in surprise at the sudden ocean on top of them. Eli and Zane came from the trees and got swayed away with the water. I let out a howl, a scream from the inside me. Coral was in a blind rage as she lifted all the water off the ground. The wolfs frantically tried to escape but it seemed to be impossible.

"CORAL! ELI AND ZANE ARE IN THERE!" I screamed after I shifted, her eyes met mine in surprise. I ran under the big block of water and looked around for them. Zane came into view, his eyes went wide when he saw me. I threw my hand up and into the cold water, I grabbed his paw and yanked down hard. He fell on the floor and choked out the water. I dashed around, looking for Eli. I saw him attacking a wolf in the water. I rolled my eyes and reach up on my tippy toes. I latch onto his tail, making him growl and look down. His eyes widen as I yank him downwards and out of the circle of bloodthirsty wolves. He gasped for air. He walked beside me over to Zane, wolves clawed at us but couldn't get out. Zane and Eli eyed the water carefully and curious after they shifted. I chuckled as we walked towards Coral, both their jaws dropped as I skipped up to her and tore her into a hug. She giggled and returned it, keeping one hand up for the water.

"Let me finish these mutts." I took a step back and the boys followed, she brought her arm back and sent another tsunami towards them. Werewolf's had good lungs but a few floated around in death. The second tsunami made the box shatter but they were swept away right after. They vanished and Coral lowered her hand.

"Thank you so much!" I hugged her again, this time she wrapped both her arms around me.

"No problem, thanks for the flowers." I smiled softly at her as I took a step back. Mom sprinted up and looked around for me but locked eyes with Coral.

"Coral, this is my mom, her boyfriend Zane and my mate Eli." She stuck her hand out and shook every one of theres. Her icy blue eyes sparkling as a beautiful smile falls on her lips.

"Great to meet all of you." They all still seemed to be in a trance.

"Guys. Stop staring at her like she's got four heads." She giggled and blushed lightly, adjusting the pink flower on her ear. Eli clears his throat and Zane blinks a few times before looking down.

"Apologizes. Thanks for saving her." Coral smiled brightly at Eli.

"No need to thank me!"

(they're a bunch of nudists, just standing around all naked and shit XD)

"You know you can't stay here." My mom mumbled, Eli stepped out of the way to let my confused gaze land on my mom. She snapped out of her train of thought and looked up with a serious face.

"They know you're here now. They'll search for you non-stop." Fear invaded me, knowing her words were right. I looked back at Coral to see conflict on her features.

"You can come with us!!" I say exasperatedly. A sad smile formed on her lips as she looked at me down at me, she cupped my cheek pathetically as sadness invaded her face.

"What then? Gonna make me live in an aquarium in your basement?" I flinched at the sadness and harshness in her voice. I let my head drop, knowing she too, was right.

"We have a pack witch. I'm sure she can give you legs." Eli sad nonchalantly. Both mine and Coral's head snapped to his face.

"What?!" Coral screamed at the top of her lungs, making all of us wince due to our sensitive hearing. I looked over at her to see her gushing with tears of joy.

"Of course! Gloria is amazing." I glared his way, he stumbled to correct himself.

"Amazing witch." He said louder, I smiled, clearly pleased. He rolled his eyes and huffed, feeling stupid for having to correct himself.

"Would you be willing to give up your tail?" Eli asked her, I looked over to see her eyebrows pushed together.

"Forever??" He exhaled loudly and ran a hand through his perfect hair.

"Who knows..." Her lip quivered, but she sighed.

" long as I stay with Nicole...I've never had such a nice friend, hell I've never had one." My eyes instantly poured tears as I hugged her again.

"How long can you stay out of water?" Eli said seriously.

"10 minutes...but I have the power to create water at any point in just have to cover myself in water every now and then." As she spoke she wrapped her entire body in water, her voice completely clear and audible. We stared in shock as the water moved back down to hold her.

" pack is 4 hours from here if we're running." She bit the inside of her cheek and nodded.

"I'll carry her," I said quickly, stepping towards her. His eyes landed on me for once, swallowing at my nakedness.

"Are you sure?" Zane spoke up, I didn't look at him cause I respect him as my soon to be dad.

"Yes," I growled as I shifted, she gave me a pointed look before sitting on me sideways. Her tail flapped as her hands made ropes around my neck made of water, the feeling was weird. It made my fur wet. She grabbed hold of the ropes before making another set of ropes under my belly that wrapped around her waist.

"Don't go too fast...the faster you go...the more dried out I get." I nodded and watched my mom walk around me, she wrapped a large blanket-that she got from her bag- around her tail.

"Just in case we run into anyone." Coral thanked her with a bright smile.

"Welcome to the family." Mom kissed her head softly and I saw Coral's eyes brew tears.

"How old are you, if you don't mind me asking." Mom said right before she shifted.

"187." She said with a grin, I rose a brow in surprise.

"Damn..." Vikki giggled and I laughed along with her. Zane and Eli shifted and we ran together, Zane and my mom ran side by side behind us. But, Eli and I sprinted right by each other, the force and power of us one to be reckoned with.

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