Hanging Out!

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  Third Person POV:

Frank, Murray, and Griffin rushed to tell Drac the great news! Y/N is totally into him! After all, she was just going on and on about him, so that can only mean that she likes him!

"Drac! Drac! Drac!" The three of them called out his name. As they got closer to him they were about to tell him the good news...until they saw Mavis come out from behind him! They skidded to a stop. "Hey, uh Drac! You should really check out...the lighting!" Murray said. "Yeah, the lighting over there is much better!" Griffin added.
"Come with us to see the better lighting!" Frank finished, grabbing Drac and carrying him. The group of friends, except for Drac, ran over to a spot far away from Mavis, Johnny, and Dennis.

"Okay what is going on? You guys are acting weirder than normal. And your normal is really weird." Drac told his friends. "You are not going to believe what we heard!" Frank said. Murray then began to sing about Drac "being back". "SHHH! I told you I don't want to upst Mavis!" Dracula said, putting his index finger on Murray's chest. "BUT WHAT ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT?!" Drac shouted, drawing attention to his friends and mainly himself. "Okay ,well, see Frank got hungry, so no surprise there. But, uh, we swam back to the ship and we found Y/N raving about you!" Griffin explained.

"She can't live without you, buddy! This is serious!" Frank said, excited. Drac was surprsied, but was also doubtful. His friends could just be saying these things to make him feel better.

"You can't deny the zing, baaabbby." Murray sung, putting his arms around Drac.  "So Drac," Griffin began," This is great! Now are you going to make a move on Y/N or what?" He asked. Drac thought for a second. "I should at least try." He reasoned with himself. "Uhh, yes." He answered. "Um, maybe? No, I...It's been a while. I don't even know where to start!" Drac said shortly after saying "yes".

"It's easy, Drac." Murray said. Frank, Griffin, and Murray then began to give Drac some advice. However, some of this advice wouldn't be that great, considering the fact that Y/N is a human.

Y/N's POV:

I finished eating and started to walk around the cruise. It was around 11 at night, so the stars were out. I looked up at the night sky, smiling. "I forgot how beautiful the night sky is. Especially when you can see thousands of more stars."  I ended up starting to walk down some stairs. I almost went down  all the way, but ended up stopping half way. Why? Because I could hear some monsters having a conversation. Now, normally I would mind my own business and walk away. But, because of the fact that I heard my name, I stopped and listened. Or eavesdropped, technically, because I was secretly listening to their conversation.

"Now are you going to make a move on Y/N or what?" One voice asked. "What!!!" I screamed in my head. I quickly looked over the stairs to find out that the monsters talking about me were actually Frankenstein, a mummy, the Invisible Man( I guess it is the Invisible Man due to the floating hat and glasses), and Count Dracula! I looked away. I quickly began to think about what I know about dating, and that's nothing! Wait, wait, wait...wait! Maybe he doesn't mean it in a romantic way! Maybe he meant 'make a move on me" as in becoming friends with me! The naive side of me took over.

I have always said before that I didn't want to date...but that was a giant lie. I want to date but...I'm just too afraid too! I'm afraid of messing up or making the guy hate me! I don't want to have a broken-heart, so I never even tried to find love. I believed that I always had plenty of love in my life, with some of the townsfolk from                  , my friends, and my family. But I always secretly wanted to love someone else, to cuddle with them, to flirt with them, and to just love them! But I know that I can never have that because I'm just too afraid and naive!

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