Baldi's Basics x Reader

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*inhales* ....Bring it

Loxo: *drops a bunch of Baldi's Basics x Reader in front of Bloody* Here ya go!!!


Bishop: Prepare to be mentally broken...

Lemondrop: Oh dear...

*picks one up and opens it* I've been through worse dares...

Voodoo: Two hours later....

(Two hours later)

*cringingly reading another Baldi x Reader*

Loxo: *slides a ruler next to Bloody*

*looks down and jumps up in fright* FCK YOU!!!

Lemondrop: Loxo! That was mean!

Bishop: *scratches Loxo* That... Was.... Rude

Loxo: Ow! THAT was rude!!

Voodoo: *whips Loxo with their tail* YOU were rude!

Loxo: OOOWWWW!!!

*clears their throat* Fck you, mate.... *opens the fanfic* This sht escalates too quickly.......

Ricochet: *laughs at what Bloody said*

It's fcking tr- throws the fanfic out the window* I'M DONE! I FINISHED IT! THROW ME ANOTHER DARE!

Voodoo: Alpha Bloods is getting that feeling again...

I READ THE BALDI X READER FANFIC! *ahem* You gotta be more rough on the dares. I've been through worse.

Silence: Careful Alpha Bloody, You don't want them to make you read worse fanfics.. 

Dusk: You mean like le-

Bishop: Look BUBBLES!

Dusk: WHERE!?

Guess we don't need these anymore. *throws all the Baldi x reader fanfics in a pile and grabs a match from their tail*

Ricochet: They keep matches in there? 

Bishop: And a lot of other stuff.

Ricochet: Is that safe?

Bishop: You should see the inside.

*lights the fanfics on fire*

Voodoo: we have a fire extinguisher?

Bishop: *Disapears into Bloody's tail*

Dusk: Will they be back?

Bishop: *returns with a fire extinguisher*

Lemondrop: Yes?

Bishop: *extinguishes the fire*

...damn it...

Voodoo: Aaaanyways....Silence, do the outro

Silence: That's the end of that chapter. If you have any asks or dares leave em in the comments! We know if you're hiding them.. Alright Cya Lucky ducks later!

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