To start out....

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        For anyone who bothers to read this I just wanna say, you are the best. Thanks for attempting to read. I have one rule for all of my stories. Don't be mean. If your here to judge, be rude, and/or to down size people, just don't even bother. No one likes a hater. Don't get me wrong, I am open to critisme, but nicely do it please. My beta is AuthorofKillingPeopl she really enjoys (probably to much) finding errors in my work. Check out her stories, there actually pretty good. And don't forget to check out Chellashipper101 she doesn't pick on my work as much, but she is my best I that reads my work and I felt obligated to metion her.
      If anyone has read this story last year or something, then you will see that I have rewritten the story. Its the same plot and stuff, I just made it better (or so I hope).
     There will be songs and possibly pictures in the media. Just some of my favorites or something I'm listening to, or Jelsa related.
     I probably should of put this up before chapters 1 and 2, but I jidt noe thought of it. Anyways, updates should be weekly at the latest.
     Hope you enjoy the story, don't be afraid to comment or vote!!! Have a great day or night and ship jelsa forever.
      I should probably stress this a lot. *clear throat dramatically* THIS IS UNDER HEAVY EDITING. SO HEAVY, I'M SURPRISED MY PHONE AND MY BRAIN HAVEN'T BROKEN FROM THE WEIGHT.
       Just thought I should put that out there.

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