Chapter 48

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"Ugh yeah. You remember the wolves I helped with the rogue issue? Anyways, it was part of the ruse I created to get an in with the Templar. I'm pretending to cut him a deal and become his new partner in the drug business, to get him to come to me. In two nights I'll ambush him at the quarry and this whole thing will hopefully be over. Was there something else you needed, Master?" I saw a little tug on his lips at me calling him master and he stepped up to me. He pulled me to him, squeezing the back of my neck to claim my lips. I was so grateful he couldn't read minds or he would have heard me comparing his touch to Nicolae's from only an hour ago; the stark contrast between the two and my response to both.

"What does a wolf have to do with this drug business?" He asked, seemingly satisfied with my first answer. "The vampire, when talking on his phone, had mentioned something about expanding into a new market using werewolves. I used that tidbit I had overheard as a corroboration to my story and offered to bring a wolf friend with me to help expand our market." He squeezed my jaw, roughly stroking my cheek and gave me a wicked grin whispering, "My minx. I'm looking forward to New York, very much." "Master." I said it simply, as I couldn't think of anything else to say to him. New York was approaching rapidly. His face bent to mine and I leaned up to meet him for the kiss; I had to get back on his good side before New York. I heard him sigh and his eyes searched my face for a moment, before he faded on a satisfied smile. Sigh. First I had to focus on my problems here.

Wednesday night rolled around faster than I had thought possible but here I was, standing at the burnt quarry with Sebastian at my side, waiting for the Templar to show. "Thanks for coming, Seb. I'm sorry about all of this; it seems I've wrapped you up in some dirty business a lot lately. Putting you in danger, getting you shot. I don't feel like a very good friend right now," I admitted in a whisper to him while we waited in the dark. His arm came around my waist and he pulled me close. "Sash, you're the best of friends. You saved my life, even knowing that the price for it could have been yours; even if could have made me hate you. You still love and care about me and you're one of the most loyal people I know. Quit putting yourself down before I have to spank you," he teased at the end.

I rolled my eyes and laughed, giving him a quick kiss on the neck. Both of our faces whipped around toward the road. A black SUV was coming down the lane. We watched it approach, both of us on high alert; he could come out, guns blazing and just mow us over if he wanted. This was the riskiest part of this entire trap. I heard the brothers draw in a breath where they were hiding. The Templar left the SUV running but opened the black window enough to look out into the darkness. I stepped forward, into the glow of the headlights so he could see me and gave him a confident smirk. "Glad you made it at last," I said, putting one hand on my hip, the other hanging at my side, the headlights creating a glean on my leathers.

He rolled down his window a little more and looked me up and down for a moment. "How did you kill him? You're no match for him." "I had help," I gestured in the dark and Sebastian came to me. I felt around inside the car with my mind to make sure that he was alone. "Alright what are your terms?" He asked, his eyes shifting around. He was obviously nervous but I couldn't tell if that was just because I was a vampire in general or because I had killed his previous associate. He was a Templar, so their mistrust of my kind couldn't be overstated. He had had dealings with the other vampire but I was new to him so he was extra distrustful. Crap. How was I ever going to get him out of the car?

"That's my question. I promised you a better deal, so you tell me," I offered to him. Normally this wasn't the smartest business move but I wanted him off guard; hopefully his greed would settle in. "Well our last deal was a clear cut fifty-fifty so . . ." He trailed off thinking as he spoke. Not true. His mind revealed that his last associate had only offered him a twenty percent cut of the profits. I smiled at him and said, "Come, come. I know that wasn't really your deal. You only got twenty percent. Would and even thirty-three satisfy you?" He looked at me, reevaluating me for a minute. He actually had started to believe my story at last.

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