Heart Break *Part 1*

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Everyone: Hi...

Baha: Ignore them! But we have ONE LAST OC joining us, ZARINA THE....Well um HUMAN!

Zarina: Hola Everyone! 

Everyone: Hey, Zarina! 

Amy: We got a lot of dares to complete today so lets get started! 

@Calamari789 Truth/Dares

Sparks: Lemme see: I dare Cream to kiss Sonic. O.o Ok! 

Amy: What! 

Samara/Shadow: 0.0' Huh?

Baha: Wow.... Ok Cream.

Sonic: But I'm with AMES! 

Zarina: I wanna see this *smirks*

Tails: grrr.... *growls quietly* 

Cream: Ok! *kisses Sonic's cheek* 

Tails/Amy: Grrrrrrr! *growls loudly*

Alex: Somebody jealous! 

Jana/Taj: Isn't that right! 

Tikal: *chuckles* Lets continue, I also dare Amy, and Rouge to play match of tennis, winner gets to kiss Sonic, Shadow, and Knuckles. 

Baha: *laughs* OMG! I wonder if they will wanna win anyway! 

Rouge: Darling, Lets just say... You can win!

Amy: NUH-UH!

Silver: What's so bad about kissing Sonic or Shadow.... Oh. 

Blaze: Wow Silver. Just wow. *rolls eyes* 

Rouge: You can take the win seriously! *sweat drop*

Amy: No, I always win! You can! 

Sonic: Amy, I'm your boyfriend! What's so wrong about kissing me?

Knuckles: Rouge, I'm your boyfriend. C'MON! 

Shadow: And.....me. -_____-

Baha: JUST START ALREADY! *pants* 

Everyone: *jumps*

Rouge/Amy: LETS START! *scared* 

After 20 minutes..

Rouge/ Amy: *pants* Ow..

Rouge: I cant fly anymore.....ugh...

Amy: I give up *throws tennis ball over net* 

Baha: AMY WINS! 

Rouge: *smirks* Ha! Thank Goodness, though! Wait.....You have to kiss Knuckles! *Stops laughing*

Amy: OH, C'MON! I WANTED TO LOSE! -___________-

Shadow/Knuckles: Oh....

Sonic: YAY! 

Samara/Rouge: Take one more step and you are dead Amy!

Amy: Rouge, didn't I say that I DID NOT WANNA WIN! 

Zarina: *stifles laughs* Oh my gosh! 

Baha: *giggling*

Tails: Oh, dear...

Taj: Jana wanna get some popcorn? This is gonna be so good to watch!

Jana: *snaps fingers and popcorn appears* There we go! 

Baha: C'MON! *pushes Amy* Do it! 

Amy: UGH! I'm sorry, Rouge! *kisses Knuckles cheek* 

Knuckles: Oh, no...

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