Chapter 3

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Makayla POV

* Flash back 2 years ago
I've just turned 21 years old me and a group of friends went  out to celebrate at this club called kisses after a few drinks I was definitely drunk out of  my mind  I was dancing twerking moving my hips to the beat all of a sudden someone put there hands around my waist I turned to see who it was it was a tall  sexy  blonde guy with blue eyes , thin pink lips that looked so soft he looked down at me and smirked " hey beautiful you wanna get out of here"  he asked , " yeah" I replied quickly to quick , he grabbed  my hand his hand was so big compared to mine , he lead me out the club to a car . Next thing you know  we were out side a hotel room kissing and the rest was a blur .

The next day
Woke up feeling something heavy on top of me , uh oh what happened there's  a guy on top of me he's asleep and I'm scared to touch him, ok I eased my way from under him and got off the bed , I was now looking for my underwear when i seen his wallet  I opened the ID it read Liam petrov  he was starting to wake up so I through the wallet down and quickly put on my clothes and ran out of the building

And 2week later I had just found out Im pregnant and I have no idea where the father is I only know his name , my parents stopped talking to me because I  don't want to get an abortion, my friends called me an idiot for leaving with that guy , I was an idiot I was my fault  and I've tried to avoid drinking since then . Well shit happens

Present day Liam POV 
I was sitting at a booth with my friends and one of my rivals  we were talking about making an alliance when a crowd started to form in the middle of the room it was getting to loud,  I told those assholes we should've rented the private room  I was getting annoyed because of all the noise I wanted to see what all the commotion was about I was getting up about to go over to the crowd when Antonio stopped me " where are you going boss ? " he asked confused "I'm going to see what the hell is going on over there" I point to the crowd and he nodded , finally I made my way through the crowd and  there she was beautiful , god she still looks the same As i remember she looked so sexy tonight in that short skirt, she looked up a saw me her eyes widened I smirked she stopped dancing and ran out the door .

my smirk turned into a frown I walk out and followed her  I saw  her in the parking lot she was throwing up liquor and whatever else she ate , I walked up to her and rubbed her back " a-are you ok" I asked hesitantly " uh yeah I fine I jus-  she turned around shock to see it was me "what are you doing here" she asked a little annoyed by my presence "I came out here to see were you alright" I replied with a blank expression on my face , " well If you must know  fine you so  can leave" she spat  and she walked off , "how dare she talk to me like that who the hell does she think she is" I mumble to myself  I sighed "fuck her than I don't kiss ass" I walked back in the building to I could finish talking to these assholes ugh I'm so tired.

After  a while we were done talking so I decide to get a drink I was sitting at the bar thinking about that chocolate beauty until a tall red headed  girl makes her over to me  hm ... she could be my little hoe while I'm here in new York  I thought , she wore a shirt pink dress that exposes her boobs her lips were red and plump her ass wasn't that big but it's big enough I guess she walked over to me and ran her fingers through my hair I really hated that shit i moved her hand and said " don't touch my fucking hair" I glared at her and she pouted "why baby ? It looks so soft"  oh fuck it I need a distraction " you wanna get out of here ?"She smile widely at me " I thought you'd never ask" she grabbed my arm and pulled me to the back room she started kissing my neck she took off my shirt and started kissing my chest going lower and lower she got on her knees pulled down my pants and well you know the rest.

Heyyy what's up so did you like Liam's POV
I was gonna write a Dirty scene but I don't think you wanna hear about Liam and his new hoe
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