Period Struggles. (DukeSaw)

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It's that time of the month.

Wait, before you think it's me, it isn't! Seriously, I tend to become Mac when I'm on. No, my girlfriend, Veronica Sawyer is, and let me tell you, she becomes as bad as Chandler's usual, right?

Now, times that by ten. She even scares Chandler, like fucking hell. Well, right now, she's asked me to come over. For what? I've no idea, but if she's bleeding from…there, it can't be good.

I knocked on the blue door, and a very pissed version of my partner greeted me, “Uh, hi, Ron, I-”

Of course, since she becomes Chandler, all I get is a slap in the jaw - which hurt, ouch, and a simple, but harmful-

Shut up, Heather!” She barked, yanking me through the doorframe, and it took a lot not to clap back. She glared at me, and I knew exactly what she wanted.

“Sorry, Veronica..” I meekly replied. I hated it.

“I don't find that satisfying as an apology! I hope you brought kneepads, bitch! Now, get on your knees, and beg.” She barked orders, atleast Chandler didn't do it outside of school, like everyone thought. Reluctantly, I got on my knees, and sighed through my nose as she folded her arms.

“I'm so sorry, your majesty, please, please forgive me!” I quietly begged, finding this humiliating and really fucking pointless. She grinned at my sour expression. I was about to get up, but then-

“Did I ask you to stand?” She asked, venom lurking in her tone as she did. It didn't sound like a question, it sounded like a statement. I waited for a moment, and Veronica then pulled me to my feet, then threw me onto the couch, “I don't see why the whole school is afraid of you! You're just a pussy!” She cackled. Chandler never did this to me. Sure, me and the Demon Queen™ didn't get along well, but she never got this bad with her insults.

I've had it. Every fucking month, it's the same. She becomes Chandler, and my life becomes harder. One more insult… go on, I dare you.


It's been an hour, and Sawyer's gone silent, she's plotting. I can tell. She turned to me, calmer, but I probably jinxed it.

“Heather.” She spoke, and I looked up at her, confused, “Get me some chocolate.”

And, without thinking, I reverted back to my old self, “No, go get some your-fucking-self.” I snapped, then was met with kissing the floor. I groaned, and the brunette lured over me, “Did I fucking stutter, fuckface?”

That. Was. It.

“NO, BUT I DIDN'T WANT TO OBEY YOUR COMMANDS LIKE I WAS A LITERAL BITCH! ALL YOU DO LIKE THIS IS ABUSE ME, HURT ME, AND  VERBALLY HURT ME! HECK, NOT EVEN HEATHER-FUCKING-CHANDLER GOES THAT FAR!” I blurted all in one breath. The brunette's face suddenly switched to a hurt expression, “A-And… if that's how you want to continue to treat me.. Then we can't be together..” I ended, staring her in the eyes.

I expected to be slapped, punched, kicked, heck, maybe even licked, but no.

Veronica Sawyer hugged me, crying into my shoudler. What the fuck? Just a minute ago she was releasing all Hell™ on me! But then again, periods cause this and-

“I'm sorry… I'm really trying to be a good person while on. I'm so fucking sorry, Heather..” She mumbled into my shoulder. I, slowly, wrapped my arms around her, holding her gently as she broke down in my arms. I sighed.

“I shouldn't have snapped at you,” I began softly, as I sat us both down on the couch, “It's just-… This happens every time.. And this time, I guess I just snapped.” I finished.

“I'm gonna make this up to you!”

Oh no..



Turns out it wasn't 'Sexy Time' which, honestly, I was a little disappointed. We ended up watching shitty romance films, making fun of them.

I'm glad to have the old Ronnie™ back again. I hope this kiss lasts forever.

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