Chapter 2

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Makayla's POV

4:30 pm and I'm now sit on the floor with my daughter teaching her more words "okay baby now say doughnut" she giggled and tried to copy me "dwoghnut" I laughed  she so cute "okay now say I -   *ring *ring * ring  I pick up my phone and put it to my ear  "makayla I heard what happened are you ok" it was Tasha " ya I'm fine" I said calmly "well do you wanna got out for drinks my mom can watch avianna" I haven't been out for drinks in 2 years last time I went out for drinks I end up pregnant, oh well yolo right , " yeah Ill be ready at 8"

It's now 8 o'clock I'm sitting on the couch waiting for Tasha to get here her mother is already putting avianna to bed  and avianna is a fighter she only goes to bed when she wants to *knock *knock *knock

I open the door  to see Tasha wearing a black tight  dress exposing some of her chest and short enough show off  her long legs  while I'm wear black  crop top with a match skirt  " damn girl you look fiiine I'm so glad you decide to come" Tasha said excitedly " yeah I figured I should get out for a little while" I replied in a low voice .  "alright lets go" she squealed grabbing my hand and pulling me out the door

20min later ...

We get out of the car and walk up to a building called kisses I haven't been here in a while we walk up to the door and the bouncers immediately let us in because Tasha's brother owns the club.

as soon as we walk in Tasha grabs my hand and drags me to the bar  " oh no Tasha I won't be drinking tonight" she ignored me and asked to the bartender to give us the strongest drink they have than she turned to me and said " I said we were going out for drinks and that's  what we're going to do , girl live a little" she said pleadingly " fine" I took the drink and gulped it down. I grab Tasha's hand and ran to the dance floor we started dancing and moving our hips to the beat  soon a crowed started to form and everyone attention was on us i was having fun until I saw a face I thought I'd never see again . Liam petrov

Little avianna at the top
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