(Anicentricity) realistically she's too stressed to learn things

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It's the end of Anicentricity's first week at KMS and it's been terrible and it will not only probably be her last week of high school, ever, it'll probably be the last anyone hears from her! Ever!!!

She's attached to one boy only and who's so dry he barely even has a face. He only has like 20k-something followers and as far back as Anicentricity could scroll back on the TL he's never done anything, which just goes to show you about double standards. And, plus, he's also only dating her as well, it's all just super sad & pathetic. It'd be one thing if he was also dating someone else and they could drum up some jealousy but nope. N O P E.

There was one hour the previous day when she was dating two people. She met a girl from Superfinedom at lunch and she was frankly GROSS, food kept falling out of her mouth back onto her plate while she talked, and that was like her thing? Like that was her brand? But even worse in talking about the Superfine Trio she had mixed up which sister had dated allegedly dated Big.jpg. Which was just fucking weird. It was Anhedine! Anyone legit in Superfinedom should know that, it should be on a test. But anyways she had at least agreed to date Anicentricity, like it's not like she had tons of options, but then she had traded her out for someone better by the end of next period.

Real bleach smoothie hours.

Anicentricity tries to think if there's anything she wants to say or see or do or learn before she's kicked out of high school forever, but realistically she's too stressed to learn things anyway. Why bother! She has no future, she's already as prepared as she needs to be.

As she makes her way to her next class the hallway-filling screams of the students swallow her up. There's a 3rd year eating a 5th year's whole *ss on the water bottle station but who can even pay attention.

She gets to class and her teacher looks up from his screen like he's seeing Anicentricity for the first time. "See me after class," he says as the bells rings. She shrugs noncommittally and takes her seat. Fine! Probably this is the conversation about her leaving school in utter embarrassment. She sits there for the period and it's school, whatever, she has no idea what the teacher is even talking about or what knowledge he's allegedly imparting but he seems to be glancing her way a lot. Maybe even smiling? This is mortifying. He's enjoying how badly she failed here. Please can this nightmare just end.

The class ends, finally, f*ck. She's slinking out when the teacher catches her arm. His name is Manucito and he has like 300k followers and he's extremely hot, he wears fitted Blackscape jeans and long sleeve T's rolled up to show off his with tattoos of hot devil women with perky tits and ugh. Manucito.

Anicentricity can barely look him in his stupid hot face she's so dying. Why did she even bother coming to school today, she knew what was coming.

Manucito waits until the other students have filed out before speaking. "Hey," he says. "You've been making some great progress in here. I was thinking. You've know I've been dating CandyCate, she's a 6th year."

Anicentricity nods. Of course she knows that who doesn't know that.

"She's probably going to be leaving soon and you know, long distance and all that," Manucito says, smiling wistfully. "I'm thinking about ending it with her. I need to be thinking more long term, you know? About my needs."

"Why are you telling me this."

"I think..." Manucito brushes his stupid beautiful hair out of his eyes and tucks it behind an ear. "I really like you. And I want to know if you'd be interested in dating."

Time stops. She's staring into his eyes, which are deep blue. As blue as Meteor Splatter nail polish by DeepGalaxy. She waits for the punchline but there is none. "Please," he adds. Again brushing away the gentle waves of hair that continually lap against the beach of his face.

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