(Q&Q) your orgasms can be weaponized

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"Conspirasan," 5yla says, "And they're in my section."

Conspirasan is a men's activism group that has seemingly come out of nowhere and become one of the most popular and controversial narratives in the city. They position themselves as truth-seekers, revealers of the supposedly vast trove of secrets the city keeps from its population. Although for some reason it's always women they're railing against, blaming for their perceived problems and difficulties. They've quickly amassed a horde of followers who essentially act as a weaponized online hive, ready to attack in any direction at any time. Really they're just basic *ssholes.

"Are you OK? Can we do anything?" Sydrifase asks. But this is 5yla's show and they are her guests. She shrugs and sets her shoulders and walks over to welcome them and take their orders.

"I really assumed someone would have murdered them while I was on Recovery," Qynka says. "Which would have all been worth it."

"I can't believe they even have enough followers to be here, it's upside down," Sydrifase says.

"Almost 5 MILLION," Truuuly says. "The more insane conspiracy theories they send out the more people are into it. It's awful. People are SO BORING. And it's not even just men anymore, you should see the fic people write about them."

It's difficult to hear what the men are yelling at 5yla beneath the music but they catch "amino propaganda" and "subliminal hatespeech" and "myth of the brand identity". 5yla smiles, tries to play along and get their orders but then one of them says something that causes her to immediately turn and walk away, horrified.

Sydrifase catches her arm as she passes. "What did they say?"

5yla shakes her head, near tears. "It's fine, I'm fine. They just-"

Truuuly stands up and takes 5yla's hand, glaring at the boys, who are all laughing at their screens. "What did they say?"

"They said I'm not servile enough. And if I'm not on my knees when I bring them their drinks they'll spam my reviews until I'm sent to the Thornes."

Before any of them can even react, the Conspirasan all erupt in laughter. They're holding their screens up at Qynka and her friends, taking pictures, elbowing each other as they double over in laughter.

Qynka's screen immediately starts buzzing. One of the Conspirasans has posted a picture of her, her face edited and distorted grotesquely, with the caption I WOULD ABOUT KILL A BITCH TO HEAR SOME RAMINASHI RIGHT NOW. Her screen continually buzzes as the images gets re-shared with her tagged in it each time. Before she can turn off the notifications there's another post about her, this one saying "Is Wood2 safe even with Qynka on the streets? Not saying she should be killed because it's only a matter of time before she goes on another murder spree, simply asking the question." Her screen erupts anew with notifications from the post burning across the TL.

Then Truuuly's screen buzzes. They've tagged a picture of her, similarly distorted, with a link to a post they'd previously made about how fake the 4Spirit brand was. About how the Grandfathers put chemicals in it to keep the city compliant, and about how it isn't even a genuine brand, it's just a generic assortment of chemicals continually relaunching under different names every few seasons.

"My ancestors built that brand from scratch with their bare hands," Truuuly says, fuming as her screen blows up. "That brand is my life and I will not allow these giant babies to cause it to lose even one follower."

"OK let's just get out of here," Sydrifase says. "Truuuly, don't say anything that will implicate your father's brand into this. They're not worth it. Let's just get you home."

Before anyone can do anything, 5yla screams, staring at her screen in horror, as the Conspirasans erupt in another round of laughing and high-fiving.

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