(Anicentricity) constantly under siege by literally everyone

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SO IN CASE YOU DIDN'T KNOW: a certain person named Anicentricity's fic has started to really take off?? Azelbeth even liked one of her posts? Which means the Superfine Trio are potentially tangentially aware of who she is? Which sent her follower count way up, which so she's up to 26k, which has unlocked a bunch of new clothing brands for her to interact with, WHICH is necessary because a certain someone's application? to high school? was finally approved and a bitch is going to star on KMS this season????

OK not star. She will be extremely in the background of literally every scene, but still. This is how it happens. This is how scale your platform. She'll spend a few seasons on KMS and cultivate some important strategic relationships and who knows. Who knows! You never know, that's the thing. You think you know, but you never know. Literally anything could happen, any day of your life, but it's up to you to make it happen.

There is unending drama around picking out her outfit for her first day of school but one fortunate thing is that she got to move out of the dorms and into her own apartment, around the time she reached 22k followers. She lives in the Biedwin building, which is uncomfortably close to the Thornes, if she's honest, but she has her own place and there's even a few other people from Superfinedom in her building, it's called having a community and it owns.

There's also a few people in the building who go to Eternal Performance and they're talking about filming their own version of one of her fics? Which would be insane? If that could happen? Content is such a release and a relief. If her stories can touch even one person: a blessing. If her stories can be trans-media co-marketed across multiple demographics: an extreme blessing.

She ends up with Lemonhunny sneakers and an 0Babby wraparound dress with cutouts. And of course she's not going to be one of those people whose personality changes just because they start interacting with better brands but REALLY THO, she looks good and feels new. Like she's becoming who she is, you know?


It's very much a city school, it doesn't have a campus per se, it's just one 4-story building in the bottom part of Highschooland, sandwiched in between an hourly hotel and a smoothie arcade.

KMS is a show comprised of a series of shows about relationships. The classes are standard, learning, whatever. The philosophy behind the school is that relationships are the fundamental building blocks of persona-driven drama. Love and hate. Trust and betrayal. In order to be a student at KMS you have to be dating at least 3 people at all times, and you have to be continually striving to form the most interesting relationships possible. Examples:

-Dating one person: Not interesting.

-Dating two people who hate each other: Compelling.

-Dating only people who are the same year as you: Dry.

-Dating a 6th year when you're a 1st year: Tell me more.

-Dating a teacher: Potentially very hot or very sad, depends on the teacher.

-Dating one teacher and one school administrator, who each used to date each other, while also dating a 6th year when you're 1st year: Is anyone else extremely turned on.

The high-key goal of KMS is to create really cohesive ships, the types of romantic entanglements that withstand the tribulations of everyday high school life. To create a bond that lasts even though it's constantly under siege by literally everyone else at the school. The mid-key goal is to be dating people you don't completely hate or who don't make you hate yourself (tougher than it sounds). The low-key goal is just to be dating anyone and not be a total f*cking loser.

First day, walking into school, outfit on point. Anicentricity is excited to see where her classes are, meet some people, establish a few relationships, put together a list of potential romantic partners by the end of the day. If you're not doing your part, if you're not trying, you can't stay. You have to try. The creation of drama & content is the price of an education. Even for the background characters. If you can't do the work there's a long line of people hovering behind you who are willing to work harder than you.

She enters the school and it's like diving into a humid sea of sexual aggression. She can barely walk through the halls for squeezing past couples and throuples making out. There are tongues everywhere. The air is thick with zonnys. Couples dry-humping against the lockers. She watches a boy walk away from another boy mid-h*ndj*b to follow someone more attractive down the hall, pulling his pants over his erection as he wanders off. Even one of the janitors, who's like 50, is weighing pleas from two different girls, both in TrendsKill micro-minis, before nodding at one, and pulling her into the supply closet with him. The other stomps off furiously, screaming and crying.

Everyone is doing something. Everyone knows what they're doing except her. Suddenly it's hard to breathe. "Hey," she says, desperately grabbing the arm of a boy running past. "GROSS!" he yells, shaking himself loose without slowing down. The first bell rings and everyone starts to disperse towards their homerooms. She spots two girls with their arms around each other's waists. "I was wondering-" "Ha ha no," they say, clutching each other more tightly.

In a daze, she finds her way to her homeroom and falls into an empty desk as the bell rings. The teacher finishes making out with one of the students and pats him on the ass, shoving him out into the hallway. There are students holding hands across the aisle, one pair who are sharing a desk, sitting on the other's lap. People read their messages, smiling dreamily into their screens. Tapping out responses to their partners with their tongues on their lips.

A quick scroll of the TL and as far as she can tell she's literally the only student who's not partnered up with anyone yet. She's the biggest loner in the entire school. 2 minutes earlier she was thinking this season was going to be game-changing for her and now it's very likely she's not even going to make it through one day of school. She thought everything was going to be so much easier after she got up over 25k followers but there's people in this class who have 30k, 45k followers. Never even mind some of the really insanely popular students, like Rosetrella and DiViNATional, who are part of an untouchable, upper echelon of popular students who maintain highly defensible, multi-sided alliances.

She makes a desperate attempt to smile at a boy who is staring at her but he's looking at someone behind her. Suddenly everything is very far away, everything's going invisible, she's there but she's not even really there.


oh noooo things are not looking for yung Anicentricity. Can she pull her brand out of a tailspin? Who knows! not me. next chapter we had back to ANGELWAX to see how Qynka's brand interaction is going. Thank you for reading! A few more days until WATTCON2018, will I see you there? or will you at least watch the livestream of my panel so you can tell me if I said anything extremely dumb?

 Thank you for reading! A few more days until WATTCON2018, will I see you there? or will you at least watch the livestream of my panel so you can tell me if I said anything extremely dumb?

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