EraserHead meets Midoriya Izuku

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Aizawa hated doing patrols around heavily populated places.

He was always mistaken for a villain, and although it helped him with his job, civilians were less likely to listen to him in any way.

So take just a single second to think about how he reacted when he was called out on patrol one night, at what was probably far past two in the morning.

"EraserHead! Oh my gosh, Eraser! I'm a big fan!"

He nearly jumped out of his skin.

Forget knowing him, how the hell was anyone even awake enough to be this exited?

Slowly, he turned towards the exited . . . fan, and nearly shielded his eyes from the smile he received.

Jesus, that was bright.

Aizawa's always gambled with his luck and life, but damn, he didn't think his luck would bring him a fan. Especially any time soon.

"Um. . ."

Aizawa didn't really know what else to say.

There was a petite greenette with a notebook pressed to his chest, gazing an actual sun at Aizawa, and it was around two-forty in the morning on a Thursday.

He couldn't do this.

Thankfully, they seemed to pick up on it.

"Sorry! I'm Midoriya Izuku! I've been a fan of yours for about four years now!"

Four years? Aizawa was only 23, just starting his hero career.

A puzzled look schooled Aizawa's expression, and he couldn't help the confused noise that came from him.

Midoriya smiled.

"I've been a big fan since you first started, but I never thought I'd actually be meeting you! This is just so exciting! I had first seen you during the sports festival, and then when I learned your Hero Name, I couldn't help but favor you. You're a real big inspiration to me, y'know? I probably wouldn't be at Yueii now, actually. So I guess now that I can finally say it, thank you for being my beacon, Eraser!"


This kid sure speaks a lot.

"And how old are you?"

"Ah! I'm 17, actually. Finishing up my second year soon," He smiled softly, and Aizawa couldn't help but stare.

"Well," he huffs out. "That's all I really wanted to say. Just, thank you a lot for being my hero, Eraser."

And before Aizawa knows it, the petite 17 year old greenette was gone.

Aizawa felt his heart squeeze.

He's glad he's got a fan, but damn, primal instincts are hard to control when something so damn desirable is sitting right in front of you, praising you.

Aizawa's glad he'll probably never see him again, because damn, that age gap is kinda big.

He'd like to at least wait a bit to get into anything serious, anyways.

Besides, with how cute that greenette is, he'll be taken by the time Aizawa feels comfortable enough to do anything.

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