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As the day goes by, I manage to ignore the whispers whenever Adrien are paired up. Most of it is the boys' disgusting remarks, but i hear rose whisper to juleka 'They are so cute!'

I love the sound of this, but deep down i know that we are only friends. But, after stalking Adrien's instagram yesterday, i remember the awesome song on his story, and that makes me a little more hopeful. 

Maybe, as cliche as it sounds, everything will be perfect in the end.

'And, i have to remind you of the geography exam tomorrow, which will be on your school reports,' miss bustier sternly reminds everyone, 'i'll give you the last 10 minutes of our lesson today to revise, eventhough you obviously have been the past week, right?'

Alya and Nino turn around as i groan. Geography isn't exactly my best subject.

'Hey, at least its not maths, well not yet anyway,'Nino says sympathetically.

'Ugh, dont even remind me,' i hit my head against the table.

'Well, why don't you come over to mine later,' Alya suggests,'I'll help you, and we will actually revise this time, i mean i doubt chat noir and ladybug will comment on your post again,'

Chloe randomly buts in, 'I bet Mari-trash hacked into their accounts,'

'Chloe..' Adrien's voice has dropped into warning mode and Chloe shrinks  back into her seat.


'thank you,' marinette smiles at me.

'its no biggie,' i reply, 'nobody deserves to be treated like that,'

Then Nino buts in.

'What time are we deciding on then?'

'What?' Alya and Marinette are in the same boat as me.

'On revising at Alya's house, duh'

'You aren't invited, i was talking to marinette,'

'well, Adrien and I are coming too,' Nino looks at me and I immediately understand.

I agree, 'we need to revise aswell'

'well, tough, because you aren't invited,' Marinette crosses her arms.

'Please can we come?,' Nino is desperate and kneels before Alya.

'Marinette laughs, 'It looks as if he's proposing to you,'

Alya glares at her, and I can't help but laugh as well, whilst Alya and Nino scowl.

'why are you laughing, lover boy?' colour is rushing to Nino's cheeks, 'You're the one that was blushing when you saw marinette because we all know you're the whipped one,'

Now its my turn to turn red.

'It's rosacea,' I say through gritted teeth.

I look at marinette, who is fiddling with her fingers shyly.

'Mari knows, don't you?'


He called me 'Mari'! I nod in response, as the boys wolf-whistle.

I didn't realise everyone was listening.

The bell goes off, and I run besides Alya as we walk out of school, Nino and Adrien at our heels.

'please, can we come over? Please, please, please, please, please!'

Alya and I exchange glances, and I already know what she is going to do.

We are going to pretend they aren't there, eventhough it sounds so childish, it is funny.

'it's a really windy day today, don't you think?' Alya smiles at me.

'yes, it's a bit strange, it wasn't on the weather forecast,' I play along as the boys pick up on what we are doing and try to get our attention.

'So, I'm guessing I'll see you at mine at about 6 ish,'

'yep, of course, thank goodness those idiots aren't going to be there,' I try to ignore the sharp pinches Adrien is giving me.

'I know right, what dickheads,'

'They have no brain cells,'

'owww!' Alya shrieks, obviously from the pinches, but then she says, 'I think a wasp stung me or something,'

'oh dear, I think there's one on me too!'


I give Nino a what-do-we-do-now look and he makes a weird face. I don't understand shrug, and he makes the same face again. i look more carefully, his eyes are closed and his lips are all pouty.

Ahhh, i get it now.


I feel someone's arms around my waist and i look over my shoulder. Adrien is lowering his head down towards my shoulder and is moving his head closer into my neck. 

Alya quickly says, 'Nobody else is here, marinette, nobody is here,'

'Your right, nobody is h...' i'm interrupted my a soft yet strong tug.

my breath hitches, and i look back at Adrien, who gently presses his lips against my jawline, and moves his head down, motioning to kiss my neck. It feels like a dream this cannot be happening. Why would it be happening, Adrien and I are just friends anyway, aren't we? 

I gasp as i feel lips pressing into my neck.

Oh. My God.

As much as i'd love for this to happen, i know that it's only so that he gains my attention, and if my father saw any mark on my neck...

Let's just say i'll never see this outfit again.

As i'm about to give in and admit that they are actually there, i hear a scream. An akuma at this time?


We all look at one another, even Adrien and Nino.

What the.......


I know what your thinking. 

Well that escalated quickly>

Leaving it there, because i like annoying people.

Bug out!

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