JD x Reader | Prom Queen | Part One

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God save the prom queen

Teenage Daydream

(Y/N) stood still as the tiara was placed on her head, her breathing was a bit shakey. Snickers and whispers were heard. Her heart was shattering as something warm dripped down her face and dress.

Just another dressed up heart break

God save the prom queen

Only sixteen

Turned her tears to diamonds in her crown

(Y/N) takes her hand and touches the warm liquid dripping down her face only to realize it was blood, she didn't know what the blood belonged to, but it caused tears to form in her eyes. She slowly pulled the crown off her head as her makeup began to run down her cheeks. Everyone was stunned. Everyone but a certain psychotic guy.

"Who did this?" (Y/N) stuttered as tears slipped down her bloodied cheeks. "Whoever did this, why!? I was finally winning in life! How could you!?" She looked at the blood covered crown before running out of the room.

She's the first in line at the party

She's the first in line at the club

And she's got that body, always gotta flaunt it

A week earlier she was at the mall with Jason Dean looking for a prom dress, not wanting to be the only girl not dolled up. She stared at the different dress colors. "How about blue?" JD asked.

"Ew. And look like Veronica? No way!"







"Jeez. Sorry. Pink?"

"Perfect! I knew you could help!"

Jason rolled his eyes with a slight smirk. "Yeah. Help." He wrapped an arm around (Y/N)'s waist as she grabbed a pink dress, holding it up to herself. 

"How does this look?" She asked, turning to face him.

"Like an angel babe."

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