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''Halt! Who goes there!?'' A voice called, startling both Percy and Hannah.

''My name is Percy Jackson, and this is Hannah Chique. We were told to say, Hecate..?''

''Ah, you must be the one Dumbledore was waiting for then! Come, follow me!''

''Someone's enthusiastic,'' Percy whispered, making Hannah giggle slightly. 

''How nice it is to be young~'' The man sang, looking dreamily at the sky. The two blushed considerably and looked down. The three arrived in front of a tall gate, behind it, a giant castle, a warm glow glistening behind the many windows.

''Welcome, to Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry!'' Percy and Hannah stared at the magnificent building admiring every inch of it. Percy would've said it was as beautiful as Olympus, but that place was designed by the gods themselves and their children, but perhaps this place was designed by a demigod as well...

They walked through the gates and into a forest when a dark creature came bounding along, the shadows trailing behind its massive figure. A creature called from the lake and another from the heavens, two in fact. 

''Mrs O'Leary! Blackjack! Rainbow! Ella! What are you all doing here!?'' Percy exclaimed as he washed off some of the drool from a bouncing hellhound. 

''You were gone for nearly two months boss! We were worried and sad. I won't have anyone to feed me doughnuts if you die...''

''And me any sugar cubes...''

''And Ella will not have any books to read...''

''And Olly won't have any giant bones!'' Percy sighed at his collection of mythological pets. A Harpy, a Pegasus, a Hellhound, a Hippocampus and somewhere in America, a giant metallic dragon... Percy snapped his fingers and a newly published book appeared in front of Ella, a whole batch of Krispy Kremes for Blackjack, a jar full of sugar cubes for Rainbow in the lake, which Blackjack would pass on later and a giant gnaw-able bone for Mrs Olly. 

''Thank you, my lord'' They smirked, knowing that they aggravated Percy slightly. Finally, they nuzzled their heads on Percy before flying away, bounding away or swimming away. Percy sighed once more, then turned around to see a very wide-eyed Hannah and a nearly fainting man. 

''You know the creatures of the forbidden forest?'' He asked, looking at us with great curiosity.

''Well I don't know if they're the creatures of the 'forbidden forest', but they've known me for a while now and they think of me as their leader and their food bringer as well.''

''Oh, alright'' A howl was heard in the distance and Percy deciphered it. These werewolves were wild, only controlled by the lord of werewolves, meaning Percy. The man looked to where the howl was heard. ''Let's go to the castle quickly.'' He rushed along and they had no choice other than to follow. 

''How do you know them? Also, how do you understand them?'' Hannah questioned, her brow raised high. 

''God of all remember? I've always understood horses and fish but after I was blessed by my parents at a young age, I can understand all animal's languages now. So they've known me a long time, helped me with rides, quests, also my ability to summon food. Always tested my abilities I got from Hestia with them. The first time I knew what a dog bone tasted like...''

''We're here!'' The man called. His shaggy black hair waving around as he walked. 

''I'm sorry mister, I should have asked earlier, but what's your name?''

''Oh, didn't I introduce myself? My name is Sirius Black. I am the shadow worker for Dumbledore. I was told to scout the area because he was expecting one man and one girl. Please don't tell anyone that I am alive. I supposedly died a few years back, protecting my godson. Dumbledore will explain everything. Now, follow my Patronus.'' A silver dog appeared and where Sirius stood was now a black dog, identical to the silver one. The black dog, now known as Sirius ran back into the woods.

Percy and Hannah ran after the silver one as it continued to drift away. The corridors were dark but because of the light emitted from the 'Patronus' they could see the portraits lining the walls, and much to their amusement, they were moving, occasionally stirring in their sleep because of the light. They went through a series of stairs and corridors and finally arrived in front of a huge Griffin. The Patronus disappeared, showing words. Hannah concentrated on the words, her eyebrows all scrunched up. Percy started laughing as she finally gave up, slumping her shoulders. 

''Oh, if you can why don't you read it mister smart!''

''You're cute when you're annoyed'' He blurted out but thankfully the Patronus disappeared, allowing the light to stop shining and stop showing how red their faces were. 

''U-um, th-thanks.''

''No prob-blem. Now, it s-said bumblebee.'' The Griffin reacted and they quickly jumped on the steps behind it. They were taken to a large door with light seeping through the bottom. Percy knocked on it twice and a deep, kind voice was heard. 

''Come in.'' When they entered, they had to shield their eyes from the sudden burst of light. Once they got used to it, there was an old man wearing a bright red robe. Beneath it was a purple robe, and beneath that, were blue striped pyjamas. He had matching red slippers on with a red Santa hat minus the white fluff. His face was angular and long with a sharp jaw and high cheekbones. His nose was crooked and looked as if it were broken in the past badly... Several times. On his nose rested half-moon glasses and behind them were fading blue eyes which held so many stories behind them, you would've thought he was thousands of years old. They were bright and humorous and looked mildly insane as if he were about to attack you any second but with cakes and tea. 

''You must be Percy and Hannah. Welcome to my humble school. I'm sorry we had to almost, sneak you in. I was quite surprised when your sister called me saying she would want to enroll you two in for a full year! Though I owed her one from when I was extremely young when I went on a rampage to try and save my cat in the snow... Ah, the good old days. Nice to meet you, my name is Albus Wulfrik Percival Brian Dumbledore, though most people call me Professor Dumbledore, or as you would be calling me, Albus. You will be joining our eldest year, the first ever year eights! Last year there was an attack, did the most horrible things and many students could not join the school. Especially the eldest. They were invited to join again for the eighth year and so they have. You have arrived a few days earlier than the school actually starts so by the time it has started, you would have learnt the entire mapping of the school, even the secret ones because you would need it in case of something. You will also go to Diagon Alley, which I will accompany you with, in disguise. That would be all I think, oh! and also, you are in for quite a surprise my children with the people you will meet!'' He smiled and ushered them outside.

''Your room is in a place called the room of requirement. You can choose any kind of room you want as it is the room you require. There are five people who will be using it during the year but I am sure that they won't mind if two extra people are added, and will be more than overjoyed. Now good night! don't let the dream bugs bite!'' He disappeared into thin air with a satisfying crack.

Percy noticed that all the talking was done by Albus, not at all by either himself or Hannah. Percy sighed, knowing that the old man was peeking at them through the shadows, and that he somehow had kept an eye out for everything. Even their conversation with Sirius.

Percy looked at Hannah then at the spot Dumbledore was just in. He had already remembered where every room was, or at least the one he had passed by and remembered one room which had a heavy amount of mist on.

The two walked in the darkness in silence. They walked in front of the room three times out of confusion since Percy could tell it was here, but could not find an opening. A door appeared and they walked inside. There were seven beds, all ordered in a circle. There was a pillow on each bed with initials on them. One, a 'P' one an 'H', an 'L', a 'D', an 'N', a 'C' and another 'H'. One of the 'H's were placed next to the 'P' so Percy and Hannah decided to sleep there. They imagined two bathrooms, one for boys and one for girls which appeared in the corner and quickly changed. they switched the lights off and said their good nights, though in their minds they softly spoke,

''Good night, my love.''

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