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With the usual ring of the alarm at 6:30 am exact Tae He woke up instantly. One thing about her was that she was a punctual person and admired punctuality among people, it would annoy her and probably anyone that if someone is late.

When getting out of the house to go to university she noticed her mother had not returned from office. It made her a bit sorrowful. The very unpredictability of death had taken her father from her and a husband from her mother.

Ever since then her mother had been working hard for both of them. Being thankful towards her would be nothing compared to the hard work she does day and night.

She digged into her jeans pocket to see the few notes of money she had been saving up for a crisis like this. Her mother was not home and she had to take a cab and obviously, rates of cabs are unexplainedly expensive.

The death of her father had brought many financial issues to the daughter and mother but they both hoped for better days in the future and never let pessimism get them.

Walking in the halls of her university, she could feel the loneliness with her best friend not being beside her.

With a pouted face of dismay, she entered the lecture hall filled with students chatting constantly like as if they don't have tomorrow or the next hour to talk about their lives to the other person.

It was almost going to be time for their class to start and Taehyung had not arrived. It was their textiles class and him being there with Tae He was important because unfortunately they were partners and just then he had barged into the class but with still looking on point. His fashion was luxurious and vintage.

Tae He long time ago had admitted that the brunette had an undeniably classic and on point fashion taste but she was not for the show off. She would've admired his fashion sense more if he had not been such a show-off.

He slumped beside Tae He trying to catch up with his breath. Probably would've run to class.

Ah, punctuality. He lacked it on the second day of their third semester.

Taehyung saw the pissed face of TaeHe who was apparently annoyed at the fact that he could've been later. A smug smile curved on his lips.

"Why the sad face babe." Taheyung had said moving his face closer to her.

Tae He could only plaster a disgusted expression on her face because of the speechlessness after what he had just called her.

"What now I can't call you that." He said with wide eyes.

She kept quiet and palmed her face.

The day had gone by without her knowing. Time was going by so quickly that she hated it that her such amazing time at university would be finished soon.

She then had seen Kim Taehyung and Song Min He of Arts department talking to each other. A smile of curiosity came across her face. She ducked low and got closer to them. She knew very well that he liked her. Well, why wouldn't he? She was the epitome of beauty and wealth and Tae He could clearly see the nervousness on Taehyung's face.

She put a hand on her mouth to suppress the laugh that threatened to burst out because of seeing that face of his.

Song Min He had gone and Taehung turned around with a huge smile. TaeHe straightened up and walked up to the joyful young man.

His smile turned into an annoyed groan when he saw her coming to him. He knew she listened to them and that she knows his little secret.

"Well well, Kim Taehyung actually likes a person." Nodding her head she said.

"And no one likes you, babe, because you are so unlikable." He said leaning forth.

"I think that is mutual. She never said she liked you."

"Ahh get away." Taehyung pushed her lightly from his arm to make is way away from her.

"Hey hey listen up!!" She shouted to run to him.

"Ahhh what..." again with his annoyed tone.

"Can you drop me home again."

"You are such a bitch babe aren't you?"

"Well babe I am"


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