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Written on: February 13, 2019

Word Count: 1013

The clock struck five thirty in the afternoon. Crowds started to dissipate though few stayed at the amusement park. A light purple haired woman is walking happily together with a midnight haired man. They were so busy talking with each other that the woman, who is actually Celestine de Merville, did not notice a tall and well-built man in front of her.

She squealed in surprise when she bump at the back of the 'unknown man' unexpectedly. The impact almost knocked her on the ground. Luckily, Gabrielle was able to catch her on time. The 'unknown man' has brown hair and was wearing sunglasses. He looked behind him when he felt someone hit his back. "Celestine?" He asked, surprise and disbelief apparent in his voice.

The beautiful girl who was clinging at his right arm like a koala, looked behind her with curiosity but when the name of the woman whom her lover had just called finally registered on her brain, her eyes twitched in anger. What is she doing here?!

Celestine thanked Gabrielle before turning to the man in front on her with a confused look. She was going to say 'sorry' to him but then she realized how in the world did he know her name?! She thought his voice sounds so oddly familiar though. When she looked at the woman beside the 'unknown man', disbelief and indignation crossed her face. It was Alexa Saunders! Her archenemy in the past.

Today is suppose to be one of the best day of her life but because of that woman [Alexa Saunders], her mood soured. Unpleasant memories flashed in her mind and she step back from the pair, her mouth forming a pensive frown. That voice. That's why it was so oddly familiar. It's because he's Kyrios. He is wearing a brown wig and sunglasses but his voice gave him away.

Anger rose inside Celestine's heart like a tide. She broke up with Samuel because she's getting married to Kyrios but she never thought that he would still have the guts to have a date with Alexa. Without a second thought, she lifted her right hand and slapped Kyrios across his face so hard that four finger prints glowed in red on his cheek. Gabrielle and Alexa gaped in utter shock.

Kyrios, on the other hand, gritted his teeth in anger. No one in his entire life has ever dared to slap him before... except this despicable fiancée of his!

Celestine stared at her reddened hand before looking back at Kyrios. "We haven't even married yet and here you are cheating behind my back." She turned to Gabrielle and with a cold voice she spoke. "Let's go, Gab." She drag him but before they could even get away, Kyrios grabbed her arm roughly. "What are you doing?! Let me go this very instant!" Celestine shrieked, anger and disgust apparent in her voice. When the small crowd started to gather around them, Kyrios dragged Celestine towards the parking lot where his car was parked.

Gabrielle tried to stop Kyrios but his commanding voice stopped him from moving an inch. "Don't follow us and stay away from my fiancée from now on if you still value your life." Kyrios turned to Alexa while still gripping Celestine's arm. "Go home. I will talk to you later." He said gruffly, then, he continued dragging Celestine towards his car.

Kyrios opened the passenger side door. "Get inside." His anger elevated when Celestine just stood close to the door while staring at him in anger. "I said get inside!" Celestine gripped her knuckles tightly before she sat on the passenger seat. 'Shameless jerk!', she thought.

Kyrios ran to the driver's side, opened the door and slammed it shut. He took off his sunglasses and wig before turning the engine on. He quickly drove away towards the Whitelion Palace. The ride towards their destination was uncomfortably silent.


Immediately upon arrival, Kyrios once again dragged Celestine in a steel grip towards his study room. His facial expression is of intense anger discerned from his furrowed brows. Servants passing by curtsied before him while shuddering in fear. Celestine already stopped trying to get away from Kyrios because all her attempts were futile.

When they arrived, Kyrios slammed the door behind him before turning to his fiancée. "Sit down!" He commanded but Celestine stood her ground. Her arms were crossed while looking at Kyrios in anger.

Kyrios' jaw tightened. His 'fiancée' is as stubborn as a mule and he hates that kind of woman. He pressed the button on the intercom at his table before opening his mouth to speak. "Clarence, bring some ice pack in my study room." He then turned to his 'fiancée' who's giving him a stern glare.

"Who is that man? What are you doing there with him?" He said, leveling a glare on her.

"Who is that woman too? What are you doing there with her?" When Kyrios did not answer, Celestine walked towards the couch and sat on it. She crossed her legs with a smirk plastered on her face. "Why aren't you answering me, Your Majesty? We're getting married two weeks from now and yet you still have the guts dating your girlfriend. We don't love each other, yes, but I will be your wife and you are going to be my husband. I cannot accept marital infidelities so break up with her before our wedding."

"What's wrong? You can't do it?" Celestine stood up and approached Kyrios. She stared at his pair of crimson eyes in disgust. She leaned and caressed his reddened cheek before continuing. "We don't have a choice, Kyrios. We have to live under the same roof as husband and wife even though our marriage is loveless. As much as I want to cancel the wedding, I can't. So, you better break up with her now or all hell breaks loose."


I just finished my midterm exam yesterday (Yepey!) So I decided to update this story. Hope you like it, guys. Ciao! xoxo

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