65. History Repeats

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WARNING: This chapter contains SIGNIFICANT dark subject matter that may be TRIGGERING and certainly not easy to read/stomach.  PLEASE TAKE THIS WARNING SERIOUSLY.  For those that may not be able to handle the content, you may SKIP to the end of the chapter where I have included a short SYNOPSIS of events so that you can still follow the plot but without the graphic details.

Chapter 65— History Repeats


The disgusting Wolf ahead of me glanced over his shoulder, lips curling up in a leering grin as he unlocked the front door of a dilapidated old house and then kicked it open wide with his foot. Taking a step back, he motioned his arm in a grand gesture toward the interior and snickered.

Before I could even tell him where he could put his revolting smirk, cruel hands shot out and struck me from behind, right between my shoulder blades. The force of the strike threw me forward off balance over the threshold. I yelped and my already out-of-control fear amped up another level because my hands were tied behind my back. There was nothing I could do to stop my forward momentum, and I was going to hit the ground hard with nothing to stop me but my rounded belly! At the last second, I wrenched my body hard, twisting just enough to take the impact on my side. Electric shocks of pain ricocheted through my right hip and shoulder. The air whooshed from my lungs. I hissed and bit my lip to keep from crying out. Breath heaving in my chest, I scrambled to right myself, trying to get my legs beneath me.

Raucous laughter came from the six wolves as they walked into the house and stood around, looking down at my futile display.

"Get her into the basement," Dagger ordered.

I glared at him.

Two of the wolves stepped forward and reached down toward me. I did my best to shuffle away from them and snapped my teeth at their hands. "Get away from me!"

Without warning, one of them backhanded me across my cheek, causing my head to whiplash to the side. The menacing wolf snarled, "Behave!"

"Ow!" I couldn't hold back my whimper, tears coming to my eyes. The pain was shocking as the bones rattled in my face.

Still struggling, I twisted my body to wriggle away but was unsuccessful as a wolf on each side grasped under my arms and jerked me to my feet. I stood unsteadily, my legs trembling beneath me. They pushed me into motion and I stumbled forward.

My single-minded focus to escape caused my brain to take in my surroundings with hypervigilance. My eyes were wide as they skipped quickly from object to object around me, searching for available exits and anything I could use as a weapon. But there wasn't much in the space besides a ratty looking old couch and mismatched chair, along with two end tables and a freestanding lamp, all of which had seen better days.

Turning my attention again to Dagger, I decided to appeal to his logical side. Maybe he had a bit of self-preservation left. "You know you won't get away with this. Leander will find me. And when he does, he won't leave a piece of you left. If you want to live, why not do the smart thing? Just let me go."

Dagger snorted, rolling his beady black eyes. He seemed completely unconcerned about the lethal threat that was Leander. His over confident response unnerved me, but I didn't show it. I tried to work it out in my head. Surely, he had to realize Luca would call Leander. Dagger's biggest mistake had been leaving my brother alive, but I was never been more grateful for anything in my life.

"I'm hoping that little bitch finds us," Dagger snarled with contempt as we walked through a long hallway toward the back of the house. "It wouldn't be any fun if he didn't."

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