Chapter 12

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"Good morning, kitten," I heard someone say, that same someone standing right behind me, wrapping his arm around my waist, nuzzling my neck. I giggled a bit, before pushing his lips away from my neck.
"Good morning, alpha," I replied, turning my head to look at him, still smiling. He smiled back, before kissing my cheek, walking over to some of the other people standing guard, getting ready to boss them around. I returned my gaze to outside the wall, standing guard to spot grounders. It was a surprisingly boring task, standing guard. You would think shagging the king of the camp would give you special privileges, but no. Sadly, I was still given the boring task of standing guard. As boring as it was, it was also quite calming. Standing on the wall, watching the leaves on the trees slightly waver in the wind. Hearing the sounds it made, watching as once in a while, an animal, we hadn't scared away just yet, appeared looking curiously at us. The only thing missing right now was someone playing Edvard Grieg's 'Morning Mood'.

After what seemed like an eternity, watching the forest, my watch had ended, making me walk around camp, hopelessly bored. Looking around the camp, I decided to join Octavia at the meat house. I hadn't talked to her since everyone went sick, so maybe, I'd get my chance now. Though I didn't know what exactly I was going to say to her. I walked in to the meat house, before starting to help Octavia hang up meat. She didn't say anything to me. She didn't even look my way.
"I'm sorry," I muttered, finally gaining Octavia's attention. She looked down at the ground, before continuing hanging up meat.
"So am I," she said, smiling vaguely to me. I smiled back, relieved over how quick that conversation unfolded. "Can we just forget everything?"
"I'd love that," I said, continuing hanging up meat. It was not one of the most pleasant jobs, but it was better than just sitting in my tent, reading the same book over and over again. I didn't know who's book it was, not that it mattered.
"Let's get this party smoking," someone said, bringing more wood to the already big fire. Any more and the whole meat house might burn down.
"You don't want the fire too big, so maybe just try to knock it down with some wet leaves," Octavia said. I stood slightly amazed at how she knew all that. I certainly wouldn't have thought of it.
"You get that from your boyfriend, grounder-pounder," he said. Now that made me angry. I could feel myself clench my fist, trying to contain myself from punching him in his stupid face. Who the hell was he to talk to Octavia like that? Octavia glared at him, before slightly grabbing my arm, getting me to calm down.
"She's right. A hot fire's not gonna reserve meat as well," Murphy said, making me slightly shocked. Why was he defending her? Wasn't he supposed to hate the whole camp, after what they did to him?
"If you can't take the heat, get out of the smoke house," the boy said, clearly not wanting to admit the other two were right. "You should be kissing our asses for being allowed back in this camp." I scoffed, rolling my eyes at his comment.
"And you should be kissing my ass for not beating you to a pulp," I said, making the boy look at me, slightly intimidated. He gulped, before smirking to Octavia.
"Just keep working," he said, before leaving the smoke house. As he had exited the smoke house, Octavia and I went back to work.
"Your brother couldn't get you a better job?" Murphy asked, sounding slightly amused. "Everything's better than working in the old meat furnace."
"Oh, probably. But that just means someone else would have to do it," Octavia said. She had really grown since coming down to the ground. And on that note, Octavia left the smoke house.
"Your boyfriend couldn't get you out of this one?" Murphy then turned to me, making me turn around, facing him smirking.
"I'm here out of sheer boredom. Don't get any ideas,"'I said, Murphy smirking back at me. I hanged the last piece of meat up, ready to get out of the heat, leaving Murphy all alone in the smoke house.
As I exited the smoke house, I felt fresh air oozing around me. There was truly nothing better than the air down here on the ground. It was fresh in ways I could never have imagined back in the Ark.
I had only managed to walk a few meters out of the smoke house, when I felt the heat spreading through my body once again. I turned around to see the smoke house in fire. That guy should've listened to Octavia about the wet leaves. I ran a few meters away from the smoke house, not feeling up for a first degree burn. Luckily, Octavia had managed to get out in time. Soon the rest of the camp had joined, all watching as the smoke house stood in fire. Just as everyone stood still, Murphy got off of the ground, looking ready to go after the guy, putting too much wood on the fire.
"This is all your fault. We told you there was too much wood," Murphy said, actually going after the guy.
"Get the hell away from me," the guy said punching Murphy. Well, that escalated quickly. Just as they were beginning to fight, Bellamy broke them off.
"Stop," Bellamy yelled, so loudly that the whole camp could hear it. "Save it for the grounders."
"Bell, now what the hell are we gonna do?" Octavia yelled to her brother, asking the million-dollar question. Without the meat, we wouldn't have much chance of survival. "That was all the food." No one said anything. They just watched as their chances of survival burned down.

I was done. I left the smoke house, going for my tent. I was done for the day. I had spent my entire morning watching as nothing happened, only to be followed by almost being burned alive. I needed a nap. I could hear the rest of the camp trying to find something to salvage, but by the sound of it, there was nothing to be salvaged. I had slept through the majority of the afternoon. As I woke up, I realized I hadn't slept well at all. I missed sleeping besides Bellamy, as I had done for the last couple of days. I missed him so much. I really was a pathetic teenage girl in love.
Walking across camp, I had finally reached his tent. Not thinking further about why I heard two voices coming from inside the tent, I walked in to see Raven standing completely naked in front of Bellamy, who looked just as confused and shocked as I was. They both looked at me, before Raven hurried to get to her clothes, getting it on quickly. I could feel tears prick in my eyes, threatening to form. I looked at Bellamy in disbelief and hurt, before realizing he was completely dressed. He hadn't looked at Raven naked. No, she was the instigator. I took a step back, trying to analyze the situation, trying to find meaning in why Raven would do that. Sure, we weren't that close, but still. Why did she want to hurt me?
"This is not what it looks like," Bellamy said, walking up to me, grabbing my arms, trying to reassure me that nothing happened. I didn't look at him. My gaze was set on Raven.
"It's not what you think," Raven said, trying to explain. I continued sending her icy glares, before releasing myself from Bellamy's grip, walking towards Raven.
"I think you're sad and bored and in desperate need of a hobby. Now I suggest you get out, before I do something, we both know I won't regret." She seemed to get the point, as she, half naked, hurried out of the tent, leaving me and Bellamy alone.
"I'm so sorry, nothing happened, I would never-" Bellamy tried explaining himself, once again walking up to me, grabbing my arms gently. I cut him off with a chaste kiss, before smiling vaguely at him.
"I know," I said, before turning around, about to leave the tent. The hurt was slowly being replaced by anger. Anger directed at Raven. That minx.
"Where are you going? Please don't leave," Bellamy said, a pleading look washing over him. I turned around and smiled at him.
"I just want to take a walk. To clear my head. It's been a long day," I said, before exiting Bellamy's tent, walking towards the wall. No one had noticed me so far. I walked to one of the entrees to the camp, before quietly slipping out, walking away from camp, alone, in the grounder-filled woods. Not my smartest plan.

I'd been walking for what felt like hours. The sun was beginning to go up. I was still torn. Nothing had happened between Raven and Bellamy, so why did I feel so betrayed? He had stayed faithful to me, so why did it hurt? No, it wasn't Bellamy who had hurt me. It was Raven. Though we weren't exactly friends, she still shouldn't have gone after Bellamy. I understood that she was hurting, seeing Finn with Clarke, but going after another's man was just crossing the line.
Stumbling over a branch on the ground, my train of thought stopped. I fell to the ground, groaning. How the hell did I miss that branch? I looked back at the branch, and trust me, it was not something any normal person would miss. However, here I was, laying on my ground, my foot hurting badly, stumbling over a huge branch. So typical. In the fall, I had managed to cut my hand on something in the dirt. It wasn't that deep, but it was covered in dirt, blood running down my arm as I checked on it. It definitely needed to get cleaned. I slowly got up, deciding to try and find my way back to camp. As I finally had gotten myself up, pain shot through my right leg, manifesting around my ankle. Damnit. I feel down on the ground again, unsure of what to do next. This was just typical. I laid down, looking at the sky, vaguely to be seen between the treetops. I groaned, before sighing deeply. But instead of getting up again, my vision blackened, and I was slipping out of consciousness.

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