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Take Me Tomorrow was originally published by AEC Stellar Publishing in 2014, but was removed from the market when the publisher closed down. It doesn't currently have a home. That being said, I get tons of requests every day for this novel, as it's my only un-published piece, and it's time you get a chance to read it again. Plus, I have the sequel sitting on my laptop, and I want all you loyal readers to finally see what happens. SO... 

My plan is to post one new chapter every Saturday! That means you'll be able to read TAKE ME TOMORROW for free, and then I'll begin to upload the sequel, TOOK ME YESTERDAY, which has never been released before. The third and final book, NEVER TAKEN, will soon follow.

If you would like to support me or my work, please check out my other novels on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, or wherever books are sold. The Timely Death trilogy is a paranormal romance without vampires or welewolves! It takes place in Kansas and is based off of Midwest folklore. The Bad Bloods series is a dark dystopian sci-fi, similar to X-Men, but much darker. Both are published by Clean Teen Publishing. 

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