Chapter 47

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I sighed and stirred. I heard Drogo murmur underneath me, holding me in the great black bed. It was Monday morning and Drogo had spent the last two nights with me; not sleeping all that much. I heard my bedroom door open and I sighed, snuggling into Drogo's embrace more. I just wanted to stay here; sometimes I hated the ruse of them going to college but I understood their need to fit into the community as well. My sleepy eyes found Peter, who was standing next to the bed, grinning playfully at us. "You're such a hog, Drogo. Keeping her all to yourself the rest of the weekend," he teased.

"You could have joined," was Drogo's lazy answer. He didn't move or open his eyes. I smiled at him and turned my smirk on Peter, letting out a little laugh. Peter smiled back and shook his head, enjoying Drogo's reply. I sat up from Drogo's embrace, letting the black sheet slide from my form. Peter's look instantly turned dark and smoldering. He didn't fight me, as I drug him to me with my magic. I pulled him to my lips and rolled over on top of him, pressing myself against his bare chest. His hands came to me to caress my soft skin with his tickling fingers. I knew they had to leave but I couldn't help it; I wanted to taste him. "Nicolae will be coming to scold us soon," Drogo lazed as his hands folded behind his head, watching me.

Looking into Peter's eyes, I nodded an affirmation to Drogo's words saying, "Yes, he's already thinking about it." I kissed Peter again, showing him a look that conveyed the depth of the love I had for him. He returned the look, right before I leaned to his neck and bit him. His decadent blood slid over my tongue, filling me with such pleasure I closed my red eyes. Peter groaned in ecstasy and tightened his hold on me, the rest of him relaxing into the massive black bed. I felt Drogo slide out of the bed and find some clothes, still watching me feed on Peter. We all heard Nicolae's relaxed foot steps coming down my hallway and I heard him lean against my door frame, probably crossing his arms.

I finally released Peter and turned my blood red eyes on Nicolae. He was smiling instead of scowling, one hand on his hip, the other he was using to lean against the door frame with. A quick conversation passed through our minds about Drogo and Peter needing to leave, as I climbed off of Peter. I slid back into the sheets of the great black bed and just gave Nicolae a smug look that changed to one of desire as I looked at him. He angled his head a little as he looked at me, his gaze deepening as he listened in on my mind. "So this is what you two do all day, while we're gone," Drogo said waving a hand in-between the two of us looking at one another.

Nicolae's look faded into an irritated scowl for his brother. Drogo smirked at him and turned to wink at me before he slid out of the room, satisfied that he had goaded his brother a little. Peter slid out of the room after giving me a smile. Nicolae turned to watch them go. He waited a few minutes, until I heard the other brothers leave and then he turned back to me saying, "What are your plans for looking into that Templar? You shouldn't go alone, Sasha." "I'm going to find him. I'll start my search at the Templar houses to see if he's there and tonight I will start perusing the bars searching for him. I was also going to head back to the quarry to see if there was any fresh scent there. It might be a pain to try to actually locate him outside of the compound."

A thought occurred to me at that moment and I sped off into my closet to get dressed. I chose my black leathers and sped out of the room to the boxes in the study that we had packed up from the information from the quarry. I dug through a box until I located what I needed. Excellent. This could possibly be so much easier. I sped back to my room and closed the door, Nicolae was waiting inside. I opened the vampire's cellphone and looked through his contacts for the name I had discovered in the poison room inside the compound. Bingo. There it was and it was confirmed as the last call he had made. I pressed the 'send' button and brought the phone up to my ear.

It rang a few times and then he picked up tentatively saying, "Hello?" "I'm sure you must be expecting him, but as you can tell, it's not." "Who is this? And why do you have his cellphone? Where is he?" "Slow down, I have a deal to offer you. I was going to replace your other associate at the bar, after he went missing, but than your other vampire friend decided to double-cross me. So I'm here to offer you a better deal than he ever did, if you take me on as your new partner. I even have a werewolf friend who can supply us with what we need to keep producing." On an afterthought I added, "And he'll open up the new market you had been discussing branching in to."

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