Final Author's Note

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You hear that? It's me. Screaming. Because two years worth of late-night typing and mud-wrestling an overgrown plot have finally resulted in three complete 1st drafts. 

In all honesty, there were many times I really did not think I would ever get here, but I did. Now I have an enormous stack of pages that may or may not have been worth so much time and effort, but still--I'm satisfied. For now.

Also, for some heinous reason (blame the tea and macaroons), I decided it would be a good idea to make a short video of myself saying thanks to my readers and a few others who have helped drag me over the proverbial finish line. Without you lot, I most likely never would have done this, so thank you. Over and over again, thank you.

(I regretted the video instantly. My awkwardness is legend. And, to my horror, I said 'awesome' and 'incredible' at least four times. True to my Canadian roots, I also prattled 'thank you' least thirty times. Please, if there is a God, may he/she strike me down--though in my defense, my vocabulary shrinks to nothing the second I have a camera pointed at me. I beg pardon.)

(Also my nose is not that big. Damn you, Sony Xperia and your crappy fish-eyed camera!)

*cough* Moving on...

As stated in the above video, here is a list of some folks who have been especially generous with their support, time and sass:











(Also NextBigRecognition & WayfarersLamppost )

No doubt I have neglected some people. If I did, you can send a carrier pigeon to drop a cream pie on my ungrateful head.

So, yeah. It's done. It's finally, finally done. Yowza.

I think I'll nap for thirty years.

Shalom, au revoir, sayonara, hasta la vista, baby.


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